Saint Louis University

(Minimum 120 credit hours)
Students in specialized tracks may have course requirements that vary from the courses below

Global Health (3 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Global Health

English and Communications (9 credit hours) 

+ Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research

+ Literacy Studies

+ Public Speaking

History (6 credit hours) 

+ Origins of the Modern World since 1500

+ History of the United States since 1865

Philosophy and Theology (9 credit hours) 

+ Introduction to Philosophy: Self and Reality

+ Theological Foundations

+ 200-level or higher Theology course

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

+ College Algebra or higher Math course

Natural Sciences (3 credit hours) 

+ Preferred: Human Biology-related or Environmental Science, Chem or Physics

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Foreign Language Courses (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

General Electives (27 credit hours)
Social Science Courses (12 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Social Work

+ Principles of Economics

+ General Psychology

+ Abnormal Psychology

Criminology and Criminal Justice Courses (18 credit hours)

+ Introduction to CCJ or Intro to CCJ/Service Learning

+ Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice

+ Introduction to Criminology

+ Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice

+ Ethics in Criminal Justice

+ Criminal Justice Capstone

Criminal Justice Systems (6 credit hours, pick 2)*

+ Law Enforcement

+ Corrections

+ Juvenile Justice

+ Community Corrections

+ Criminal Law and Procedures

Nature of Crime (6 credit hours, pick 2)*

+ Juvenile Delinquency

+ Contemporary Theories of Crime

+ Corporate and White-Collar Crime

+ Understanding Serial Killers

+ Victimology/Victimization

+ Career Criminals

Human Justice (3 credit hours, pick 1)**

+ Multiculturalism for CJ Professionals

+ CCJ Externship/ Community Project

+ Race and Crime

+ Mental Health and Crime

Electives (6 credit hours)*

+ Criminal Justice Practicum 

+ Independent Study in CCJ

+ Criminal Investigations

+ Mentored Research in CCJ

*With the approval of the student's mentor and program director, a student may take other upper division courses in the department as electives.

**Additional courses available from African American Studies and Women's Studies.

Before registering for classes, students are required to meet with their advisors and/or faculty mentors.


Natalie Floeh
Academic Advisor, Sr.

Tegeler Hall, Suite 300W   


Kate O'Brien
Academic Advisor

Tegeler Hall, Suite 300W