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Dominican Republic SLU Trip

August Immersion Trip

The Dominican Republic covers the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. This was the first colony founded by Christopher Columbus. Poverty, politics and government dysfunction are the root causes of public health inadequacies in this country.

Explore four unique areas in the Dominican Republic including Santiago and surrounding Cibao valley, Santo Domingo, Haitian bateyes and the Samaná peninsula.

Students will recognize the central issues of public health in a developing country and the importance of developing sustainable interventions.

This trip will help students recognize the complexity of issues confronting practitioners and the innovative solutions that are being brought forth to help bring sustainable change. Students experience these issues in a variety of urban, rural and natural environments.

Who can go?
Undergraduate and graduate students eager to explore the interaction of environmental, behavioral, and economic factors on health and well-being are encouraged to apply. There are both physical and emotional demands placed on students during the trip. Students must be able to hike and swim.

Where do you stay?
Lodging is similar to hostels, but two nights are spent in jungle hammocks. Students must have up to date vaccinations.

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Please contact:
Chris King, PhD, CSP, CHMM
Assistant Professor