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India SLU Immersion Trip

January Immersion Trip

India, the world's largest democracy, has a very diverse population, climate and geography. The city of Mumbai is the most populated city in India, and the fourth most populated city in the world. Mumbai is considered the commercial and entertainment capital of India. Two hours north of Mumbai is the small village of Dahanu, which is a rural fishing community.

Students spend five days in Mumbai and 11 days in Dahanu.
In Mumbai, students will study urban issues through lectures and fieldwork and in the second half of the trip, students will examine rural issues in Dahanu.

Students explore the Indian's political, social and economic history and current social and environmental issues. Students will analyze and evaluate key international and local efforts to address hunger, poverty, health and human rights concerns in India. This trip will also help students become more familiar with the local approaches to poverty and global issues to strengthen students cultural competence in this area.

Who can go?
Graduate students are encouraged to participate in this immersion trip. Junior and Senior undergraduate students are also welcome with the approval from their instructor.

Where do you stay?
Lodging is in Mumbai at a local college dorm. In Dahanu, students will stay on a working farm in cabins.

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