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The world renowned researchers at Saint Louis University
(Front row, left to right: Hong Xian, Terri Rebmann, Brandy Maynard, Jin Huang; behind them: Keith Elder,
Mario Schootman, Michael Vaughn. Not pictured: Enbal Shacham)

The 2015 Celebrating Scholarship Reception at the College for Public Health and Social Justice recognized six outstanding faculty researchers. Meet these prolific and nationally recognized scholars:

Assistant Professor winner: Dr. Brandy Maynard, whose research interests include interventions with at-risk students, earned recognition for her 23 publications in peer-reviewed journals, including 5 first-author credits.

Associate Professor winner: Dr. Terri Rebmann, expert in healthcare and public health professionals disaster preparedness, was lauded for her nine publications, including six first-author credits.

Full Professor winner: Dr. Michael Vaughn, nationally recognized scholar of adolescent antisocial behavior, substance abuse, violence, and delinquency, boasted an impressive 42 publications in 2014, including 11 first-author credits.

Schootman also selected three professors for honorable mention recognition:

Dr. Jin Huang, expert in social policy that supports family and child well-being, produced 12 publications and more than $100,000 in federal and foundation grants.

Dr. Enbal Shacham, who has focused on the role of social, psychological, and environmental factors of HIV-related health behaviors and outcomes, contributed five publications and was awarded a R21 (National Institutes of Health funding) for more than $400,000.

Dr. Hong Xian, expert on genetic and environmental risk factors in the etiology of psychiatric disorders and the co-occurrence of multi-disorders, produced 13 publications and received the Award for Excellence in Research from SLU's Division of Research Administration.

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