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Wuhan China

GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: Bin Zhang, M.D., Ph.D. (right), vice president of the Medical and Health Center for Women and Children in Wuhan, China, presents his work on maternal health in China Wednesday, Jan. 30. Zhengmin Qian, M.D., Ph.D. (left), associate professor and chair of SLU's Department of Epidemiology, is collaborating with Zhang and others as part of a four-year research study on the connection between air pollution and poor pregnancy outcomes in Wuhan. Zhang and eight other research collaborators from Wuhan visited the College for Public Health & Social Justice last week. Photo by Jonathan Ernst

Event Notice:

Bin Zhang

On Wednesday, Jan. 30 from 5:00-6:00 p.m., Bin Zhang, MD, PhD, (left) Vice President of the Medical and Health Center for Women and Children in Wuhan China will present "Status and Direction of Protecting the Health of Women and Children in Wuhan, China."

This event will be held at Lee Auditorium in the Underground Lecture Halls. This event is open to the public including community organizations, partners, students, staff, alumni and faculty at Saint Louis University and other institutions. 

Wuhan Study

SLU College for Public Health & Social Justice researchers are building strong collaborative relationships with prominent physicians, scientists and public health professionals in China to study the connection between air pollution in Wuhan, China, and poor pregnancy outcomes. Dr. Zhang is a research collaborator of SLU's Zhengmin Qian, MD, PhD on the Wuhan study. 

The study examines the link between the environment and the health of 100,000 infants, said Dr. Qian, the principal investigator. The study is expected to take about four years to complete. It is supported by the Health Effects Institute, a nonprofit organization that funds research on the impact of air pollution on health, and by the Chinese government, which has an elaborate system of computerized air quality monitors.

SLU President Father Lawrence Biondi, S. J. will travel to Wuhan China within the next few months to further the collaboration between SLU and the Wuhan community. 

For more information about the Wuhan study read our news release