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Center for Cancer Prevention, research and outreach

The Center for Cancer Prevention, Research & Outreach (CCPRO) was formed by Saint Louis University's Cancer Center and College for Public Health & Social Justice with funds from Emerson, The Express Scripts Foundation and Ascension Health.

The Center seeks to empower underserved populations in North St. Louis City and County by providing tools and resources that identify and address cancer disparities, with a primary focus on breast and prostate cancers. To improve cancer incidence and outcomes, CCPRO seeks to promote collaboration with community partners and agencies, and build a network of partners committed to coordinating and enhancing outreach education and cancer prevention.

Co-Directors: Ricardo J. Wray, PhD, and Mark A. Varvares, MD, FACS

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The Center for Environmental Education & Training is a certified OSHA Training Institute that provides training and education services to professionals in environmental health and safety, as well as to general workers and the community at large.

In addition to regularly scheduled courses, the center provides customized training to business, industry and public agencies either at SLU or on site. The center also offers consulting services in a number of areas, including environmental training and education, industrial hygiene, occupational health, safety and risk assessment and compliance management.

Director: Chris King, PhD, CSP, CHMM

Enviornmental Health Research Laboratory

Investigations at the Environmental Health Research Laboratory emphasize characterizing sources, pathways and controls for environmental contaminants that may lead to allergies, asthma, lead poisoning and other diseases that primarily affect children.

Founded in 1997, the laboratory's projects have included establishing evidence that large particle allergens, such as dust mite allergen, are inhaled from direct contact with textile surfaces. This project has implications for understanding relationships between allergen exposure and asthma sensitization. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has supported three grants at the laboratory including studies on the most effective means to remove lead from residential carpets and upholstery and hard surfaces, such as wood, tile and linoleum.

Director: Roger D. Lewis, PhD, CIH

SLU's Heartland Centers

The Heartland Centers for Public Health & Community Capacity Development, formed in collaboration with academic and practice partners serving several states in the heartland region, consist of four Centers that are supported by a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS).

The primary goal of the Heartland Centers and LMS is to create a sustained system for integrated competency-based strategic public health workforce development and organizational capacity improvement to meet local, state and national health and safety directives and objectives. All Centers and the LMS are linked with other collaborating regional centers and other LMS to form national networks with common goals and objectives.

Director: Kathleen Wright, EdD

SLU's Institute for Biosecurity

The Institute for Biosecurity has pioneered the use of distance-learning technologies to train professionals in the fields of biosecurity and disaster preparedness. The Institute provides both course instruction and ongoing academic research in the fields of disaster preparedness and response, community resilience, worldwide terror threats and surveillance, and the ecological and social effects of bioterrorism.

Founded in 2001, the Institute has successfully established key partnerships in the health care and public health professions on a national, state and local level. The Institute is also supported by a team of information technology and web specialists who provide faculty and student technical support for all aspects of the online, distance-learning course delivery system.

Director: Terri Rebmann, PhD, RN, CIC

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