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Undergraduate Grading Policy

Dean's List and Graduation Honors

The grading policy of the undergraduate programs is similar to that used in the other undergraduate
programs of the University and is presented in the Saint Louis University Undergraduate Catalog.

The following are the grades used in the undergraduate programs and all other Saint Louis University undergraduate majors:

A (4.0)                    High achievement and intellectual initiative.              
A- (3.7) Approaching high achievement.
B+ (3.3)
Slightly higher than above average achievement.
B (3.0) Above average achievement.
B- (2.7) Approaching above average achievement.
C+ (2.3) Slightly higher than average achievement.
C (2.0) Average achievement.
C- (1.7) Below average achievement, and not acceptable for courses within the major.
D (1.0) Inferior, but passing achievement, and not acceptable for courses within the major.
F (0) Failure.
AF (0) Failure due to unauthorized withdrawal or excessive absence.
I (-) Coursework incomplete at last class session, due to extraordinary circumstances. Must be removed within one year after course is taken or "I" is converted to "F."
P (-) Pass; credit is given toward graduation; no effect upon grade point average; equivalent to C or better
NP (-) No Pass; no credit toward graduation; equivalent to D or F.
W (-) Authorized withdrawal.


Students are expected to regularly attend classes. Excessive absences may result in a lowered grade or a failing grade for the course. See the course syllabus for particular provisions related to absences and how they will be dealt with in that course.

All required social work courses must be passed with a grade of "C" or better. (A grade of "P" must be earned in courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis, SWRK 481 and SWRK 482.) The student must repeat any required Social Work course in which he or she receives a "C-", "D" or "F". Both the original "C-", "D" or "F" and the new grade will count in computing the GPA, although the course does not count twice in meeting graduation credit requirements.

Criminal justice majors must maintain a "C" average across all of their courses.

With the exception of the senior practica (SWRK 481 and SWRK 482), which are graded on a Pass/No Pass basis, all required social work courses must be registered for on a regular grading basis by students who are social work majors. Social work students may take elective courses and non-social work required courses on a Pass/No pass option. They must register for this option and follow the conditions stated in the Saint Louis University Undergraduate Catalog for the Pass/No Pass option. Should a student wish to appeal a grade in a social work course, the Procedures for Student Initiated Grievances described later in this handbook should be followed.

Incomplete Grades

A grade of "I" (Incomplete) may be granted at the discretion of the instructor only because of serious, extraordinary, or extenuating circumstances. In order to receive an "Incomplete" grade, the student must obtain permission from the instructor prior to the completion of the course and must complete a contract (available from the instructor) on which the time limits and conditions for completing the course and removing the "I" grade are specified. When an "I" grade is received, the student must complete all required work and have the "I" converted to a regular letter grade or passing grade within the time limits specified on the contract but no longer than one calendar year. If the work is not satisfactorily completed within the time limit, the "I" will be automatically converted to an "F.


Graduate Grading Policy

1.The grading system in the MSW Program for academic courses consists of the following letter grade system: A, A-,B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- and F.

2. The grading system for practicum courses consist of the grades of P (Pass) and NP (No Pass).

3. The grades of P and NP carry no grade point equivalents and are not calculated in a student's overall grade point average (GPA).

4. A grade of I (Incomplete) is given only in unusual circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor. The student must complete and sign a copy of a "Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Incomplete Coursework" which states the reason for the incomplete work and specifies the date by which the incomplete coursework will be completed. A grade of I must be replaced by the date specified by the instructor, but no later than the end of the following semester, or an F or NP grade will be recorded for the course. (Semesters are considered as regular semesters under this provision.)

5. A student with three or more outstanding incompletes may not register for additional academic or practicum courses.

6. A student may withdraw from an academic course with a grade of W before or on 46 the date of the "Last day to withdraw" as specified in the Saint Louis University Schedule of Classes by completing and submitting a Change of Registration
form. The deadline for withdrawing from an academic course during the semester is the Friday of the sixth week of classes.

7. Withdrawal from a practicum course anytime after the beginning of the semester requires the prior approval of the Director of Field Education. The Director of Field Education shall consult with the student's Field Instructor before deciding whether or not to approve a request to withdraw. Such approval will be given only in cases where there are serious extenuating circumstances.

8. If an agency requests a student to withdraw from a practicum because of the quality of the student's performance in the practicum, a grade of NP will be assigned for that practicum course subject to the review and approval of the Director of Field Education.

9. A student who withdraws may be entitled to a partial refund according to the University's established refund policies. Students should consult the "Tuition and Refund Schedule" published for each semester.

10. Cancellation of registration that entitles the student to a tuition refund will be approved by the Director of the MSW Program only in rare and extraordinary circumstances such as a serious illness or death in the family.

11. Courses, including professional foundation and required concentration courses, in which students earn a grade of C or better need not be repeated. The student may, however, retake the course for the purpose of improving his or her GPA.

12. A student receiving a grade of F or NP in a professional foundation course, required concentration course, or practicum, must retake the failed course or practicum. The student, in consultation with the advisor, should complete the "Grade Substitution" form and submit it to the Director of the MSW Program.

13. A student who fails an elective will consult with his/her advisor to select a replacement course. This may be either the same course or an appropriate substitute. The student, in consultation with the advisor, should complete the "Grade Substitution" form and submit it to the Director of the MSW Program.

14. When a student retakes a course or substitutes a new course, the subsequent grade replaces the former grade for the course for the purpose of computing the GPA required for graduation from the Program. The original grade, however, will still appear on the transcript and will be calculated into the overall university GPA.

15. A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.000 and do minimally acceptable work (C or better) in all courses in order to be in good academic standing in the MSW Program of the School of Social Work.

16. A student whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.000 or who receives a grade of F in an academic course or a grade of NP in a practicum course will automatically be placed on academic probation.

17. A student on academic probation must remove the probation by raising his/her GPA to a minimum of 3.000 or replace an F or NP grade according to the procedures specified above within the next 15 hours of course enrollments or the student will automatically be dismissed from the School.

18. A student who at any point has received any combination of two F or NP grades shall be dismissed from the MSW Program. This includes any F or NP grade which, for the purpose of computing the grade point average, has been replaced by a subsequent grade as specified in points 8 through 11 above. A student dismissed for any of the reasons enumerated in this section may file a written appeal with the Director of the School. The appeal should specify the extenuating circumstances that would account for the student's previous performance and provide evidence that the student currently has the ability to complete the program successfully. The appeal must be filed within 15 days of the issuance of the letter of dismissal. The decision of the Director will be final.

19. A student must have at least a 3.000 cumulative GPA in order to graduate.

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