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The Dean's Office works to strengthen the College in three broad areas: academics, administration, and communication.

Christopher Duncan, Dean
Jan Barber, Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs
Donna LaVoie, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Gary Barker, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs
Denise Sleet, Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
Janet Kuebli, Assistant Dean, Mentoring
Jane Beckerle, Administrative Secretary
Jon Graser, Student Records Assistant
Carol Murphy, Assistant to the Dean
Becky Ball, Executive Assistant
Marie Halstead, Business Manager
Cathy Zimmer, Business Manager
Beth Fluhr, Financial Coordinator
Delia King, Financial Coordinator
Jeremy Nagle, Web Content Developer

Christopher Duncan                                   
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
p: 314-977-2244

Dean Duncan establishes College goals and budgeting
priorities, serves as liaison to other schools and the
higher administration, deals with personnel issues,
coordinates and evaluates chairs and program directors,
and develops rank and tenure recommendations.


Jan Barber

Jan Barber                                              
Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs

p: 314-977-2973

In her role as Associate Dean of Graduate Education,
oversees graduate student concerns. She also oversees
the Graduate Faculty Selection Committee and monitors graduate
program quality through assessment.

Donna LaVoie
Donna LaVoie                                            
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
p: 314-977-2227

In her role as Associate Dean, Donna oversees program and department 
reviews, learning outcomes assessment, and strategic planning. She also
oversees and monitors college resources in accordance with spending/budget
priorities as established by the Dean.  As a Professor in Psychology, Donna
teaches courses in Research & Professional Ethics, and Cognitive Psychology. 
Her research focuses on individual differences (aging, handedness) in memory
function, as well as the study of false memory.

Gary Barker
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs  
p: 314-977-2706

In his role as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Gary oversees
undergraduate students affairs and curricular issues. He also works with the
associate dean for planning and resources to monitor undergraduate program

Denise Sleet                                        Denise Sleet
Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
p: 314-977-2974

In her role as Assistant Dean of Academic Advising, Denise manages the
Office of Academic Advising for the College of Arts and Sciences. She also
works with A&S staff and faculty to develop and implement advising and mentoring
activities to assist students and monitor progress to graduation.

Janet Kuebli, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Mentoring
p: 314-977-2285 

In her role as Assistant Dean of Mentoring, Janet oversees mentoring
issues in consultation with the advising office. She co-chairs the college
Faculty Mentoring & Advising Committee with Denise Sleet. In her role
as Associate Professor in Psychology, Janet teaches courses that include
Child Study & Observation and Disciplines and Practices in Psychology. 
Her research focuses on child development and parenting. Janet is also
Director of the Undergraduate Studies Program in Psychology. 

Jane Beckerle  
Administrative Secretary
p: 314-977-7561

In her role as Administrative SecretaryJane works with office staff members 
and other departments to process forms, transfer files and update academic 
information, coordinates  the Outstanding Senior Award Ceremony, the Fall
Welcome Event and  the Precommencement program booklet.

Jon Graser  
Student Records Assistant
p: 314-977-3487

In his role as Student Records Assistant, Jon provides support for the Associate
Dean for Undergraduate Education and advising staff.  Responsibilities include
assisting with graduation verification and the core section of degree audits, run
graduation reports, facilitate communication regarding actions of Faculty Council,
Precommencement ceremony assistance, and maintain physical and electronic

Carol Murphy
Carol Murphy                   
Assistant to the Dean
p: 314-977-2244

In her role as Assistant to the Dean, Carol handles a
wide range of administrative and executive support related
tasks. She coordinates many activities contributing
to the efficient daily operation of the Dean's office. Carol
assists the Dean with meetings and travel plans as well as
promotes professional relationships between the College and
other units in the University. Carol is also the point person for
collecting department & program Annual reports.

Becky Ball                                             
Executive Assistant
p: 314-977-2465

In her role as Executive AssistantBecky is responsible
for event planning. These events include workshops, faculty
assemblies, award ceremonies and Precommencement.
Becky also coordinates new faculty needs, i.e., furniture
and phones. In addition, she oversees Mellon requests
and manages Dean LaVoie's calendar.


Marie Halstead
Marie Halstead               
Business Manager
p: 314-977-2603

In her role as Business Manager, Marie manages full-time, part-time
faculty & staff, and student worker budgets. Marie also manages
faculty rank & tenure, sabbatical & research leave requests.

 Cathy Zimmer
Cathy Zimmer            
Business Manager
p: 314-977-2468

In her role  as Business Manager, Cathy manages all graduate education and
sponsored program budgets. She also reviews and approves all eMOAs and
EPAFS for positions funded from sponsored program budgets.

Beth Fluhr
Beth Fluhr                  
Financial Coordinator
p: 314-977-2709

In her role as Financial Coordinator, Beth approves non-grant online
requisitions, IDOs, DPVs and travel reimbursements. She is also responsible
for transferring College monies to faculty start-up funds and department
funded travel budgets, as well as tracking CAS travel pre-approvals, Knoedler
Undergraduate Research Awards, Faculty Recruiting dollars, department and
program FIRE Funds and all other non-salary/non-grant related monies in the College. 
Additionally, Beth is the P-Card liaison for all department and programs.

Delia King
Delia King                      
Financial Coordinator
p: 314-977-2602 

In her role as Financial Coordinator, Delia processes IT
and grant-related purchases for the college. She is the Dean's
office liaison for Activity Insight reporting and oversees space
and facility issues.

Jeremy Nagle                                                 Jeremy Nagle
Web Content Developer                          
p: 314-977-3979

In his role as Web Content Developer, Jeremy is responsible for
the College's Website, social media presence, publications, internal
communications, and branding/marketing as well as integrating the College
Marketing Plan. He manages and coordinates all Web related projects for
departments and programs within the College of Arts & Sciences. He is the
College liaison to MarCom and related University committees.

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