Saint Louis University

The following two documents show the fruit of planning by College
faculty over the last three years. One is a set of planning principles
articulated by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Council
and chaired by Dr. Kathleen Llewellyn. The other members of the
Committee were Robert Aldridge, Steve Buckner, Deb Douglas,
Rob Hughes, Deb Hwa-Froelich, and Onésimo Sandoval. These
principles were presented to the Chairs of the College on May 11,
2011, and were approved. The second document was developed
from 2011-2012, again by the Academic Affairs Committee, headed
by Ness Sandoval. The Committee included Steve Buckner, Deb
Douglas, Rob Hughes, Kathryn Kuhn, Jennifer Ohs, and Dan Warren.
This document was vetted and approved by the Chairs and Faculty
Council in December of 2011 (a preliminary version) and May of 2012, a final version. 

May of 2011 (Planning Principles)

May of 2012 (Strategic Plan)


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