Saint Louis University


Hello and welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at
Saint Louis University. Founded in 1818, the College
is both the oldest and the largest academic unit at this
transformational Catholic, Jesuit, University. Located in one
of the world's great cities, our mission in the College is the
pursuit of truth and the transmission of knowledge for the
greater glory of God and the service of humanity.

To achieve this, the College offers a wide variety of
academic degrees, majors and programs across a range
of subjects and fields that include the humanities, the
sciences, the fine and performing arts and the social
sciences, as well as opportunities for experiential learning
and hands on experience outside of the traditional
classroom. Based on a 500 year old educational tradition,
our goal is to truly educate the whole person-mind, body,
heart and spirit. This holistic approach is designed to
produce students and eventually leaders who are
rigorously prepared not only for the world of work, but
also for the work of the world.

In our quest to educate and form women and men for others,
the College of Arts and Sciences has gathered together a
world-class faculty of teacher-scholars who are dedicated to
excellence in undergraduate and graduate education through
their devotion to outstanding teaching, cutting edge research
and scholarship, inspired artistic expression and faithful service
to the campus and the community. Embracing the great and
wondrous diversity of that makes up the human race and the
unique gifts and talents of every individual, this collection of
curious seekers and learners work together to unpack the
mysteries and answer the endless array of questions posed
by the physical, social, and spiritual worlds we each inhabit.
We do this always with an eye toward justice, peace, beauty,
and common good of the whole human family and created
world we share.

Supporting that work in the College, SLU students will also
find numerous professional staff members in the form of
academic advisors, tutors and others dedicated to their personal
success and wellbeing. Additionally, SLU students will find hundreds
of co-curricular clubs, organizations and service opportunities on
campus, in St. Louis itself, and even around the world in which to
participate as they develop, reflect and listen for their particular call
in life. As a previous Dean said, "both the College and the University
are large enough to provide great resources but small enough to
retain the true spirit of community."

So welcome to SLU and welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences
and while you are here remember what Hellen Keller said: "life is either
a daring adventure, or it is nothing at all!"

Christopher M. Duncan, PhD

Dean and Professor

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