Saint Louis University

  • University funding through the Office of Research Development & Services
  • College of Arts & Sciences Excellence Awards
    One full-time professor in each of the College divisions (humanities, sciences, social sciences) will be chosen for an Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. An Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award will be given to one full-time faculty member from the College.  An Excellence in Graduate Teaching and an Excellence in Graduate Mentoring will be awarded to a faculty member in Graduate   Education.  An Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award and an Arts & Sciences Staff Excellence Award are also offered.  For more information and to obtain nomination forms, visit the Excellence Awards website.
  • Co-Curricular Fund
    The Co-Curricular Fund of the College of Arts & Sciences supports educational activities that are extensions of the normal classroom experience. Examples of possible activities that may be supported include partial funding for classes attending local theatre and cultural events, class field trips, service projects, student retreats, and seminar speakers. While there is no maximum award, funding will normally not exceed $500 per project. For more information, see A&S Policy Manual. To request these funds, please submit the Application for Co-Curricular Funds.
  • Fund for Intellectual Renewal and Enrichment (FIRE)
    In order to encourage and support enrichment programs, the College of Arts & Sciences allocates funds to departments and programs to sponsor activities that will contribute to the growth and vitality of academic life and intellectual pursuits at either the undergraduate or graduate levels. The Fund for Intellectual Renewal and Enrichment (FIRE) may be used by departments and programs for visiting scholars, guest artists, lecture series, individual speakers, conferences, and faculty retreats. Annually, each department may use up to $2,000 of this fund and each program may use up to $500. For further information about the Fund for Intellectual Renewal and Enrichment (FIRE), see A&S Policy Manual. To request these funds, please submit the FIRE Funds Pre-Approval Request.
  • Mellon Faculty Development Awards in the Humanities
    Mellon Faculty Development Awards were established to provide funding for faculty and departmental projects in the humanities. Full-time, ranked faculty members in the humanities may apply for Mellon Awards. Proposals that are humanistic in nature and submitted by full-time, ranked faculty members in the social sciences are also eligible for consideration if their projects are in the humanities. Mellon awards are intended to support projects in the following four categories: publishing/exhibitions/performances, teaching development, professional enrichment, and departmental and inter-departmental development. The amount of the award will not exceed $3,000. For more information, see A&S Policy Manual.
  • Sabbaticals
    The purpose of sabbatical leaves is to provide faculty members with additional time for professional development and renewal. Full-time tenured faculty members may apply for sabbatical leaves of one semester at full-salary or one academic year at half-salary. In order to be eligible, faculty must have completed six years of full-time service since hiring or since the end of the academic year of the previous sabbatical leave. The SLU2000 research leaves will not affect an applicant's eligibility for a sabbatical leave. Applications for sabbaticals must be submitted by October 1 for sabbatical requests for the next academic year. For further information, see A&S Policy Manual.
  • Supplemental Funding for Scholarly Opportunities
    Supplemental funds may be available to members of the College of Arts & Sciences for the pursuit of scholarly opportunities. These funds are intended to supplement, not replace, additional funding sources. Applications are accepted year-round, and must be submitted by the department chair or program director, or designated staff, on behalf of the applicant. To apply, submit the Application for Supplemental Funding.

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