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Faculty Development

Resources Available to Arts & Sciences Faculty

Click here for detailed information on the following resources, as well as instructions and forms for submitting requests:

  • University funding through the Office of Research Development & Services
  • College of Arts & Sciences Excellence Awards
    • Arts & Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Awards
    • Arts & Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Mentoring Award
    • Arts & Sciences Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award
    • Arts & Sciences Staff Excellence Award
  • Classroom Fund
  • Co-Curricular Fund
  • Fund for Intellectual Renewal and Enrichment (FIRE)
  • Mellon Faculty Development Grants in the Humanities
  • Sabbaticals
  • Supplemental Funding for Scholarly Opportunities
  • Travel Funds for Professional Development

Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning
Faculty Research Leave Program
Sabbatical Leave Proposal Guidelines

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Curriculum, Teaching and Advising Resources

Revised Cultural Diversity Requirement - Effective Fall, 2011
Guidelines for Proposals For Co-Curricular Funds
Undergraduate Catalog
Undergraduate Grading System
Graduate Catalog
Graduation Education

Undergraduate Curriculum Forms
Exception/Substitution Approval Form
Petition for Course Extension (Incomplete)
Core Curriculum Course Approval
Curriculum Committee Course Approval/Curricular Change
Curriculum Committee Course Renaming/Renumbering 
Curriculum Committee Curricular Change Form for Existing Programs 
Curriculum Committee New Program Form
Course Approval - Global Citizenship
Course Approval - Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
Faculty Mentor Worksheet

Graduate Education Resources
Graduate Student Academic Appeal Process   
Graduate Course Change Form 
Graduate Course Approval Form
Graduate Concentration Form

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