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College of Arts & Sciences Travel Policies and Procedures for Undergraduate Students

1. Undergraduate students must notify the College of their department chair's or program director's approval by submitting the SLU Arts & Sciences Travel Form.

2. All requests for policy exceptions must be submitted on the Travel & Expense Policy Exception Request form. Policy exceptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Not booking arrangements through American Express Business Travel, including flight, car rental, or hotel (excluding conference hotel bookings)
  • Booking conference hotel at a higher rate than lowest published
  • Not requesting pre-approval for travel
  • Submitting expenses more than 60 days from date incurred

Do not include policy exception requests on the Travel Approval Request form.

3.  Any student receiving support for international travel who does not have international travel insurance that covers health care, medical evacuation and repatriation, must sign up for insurance through the International Services website, found here. No travel award will be made without proof of existing or purchased insurance.

4. Students must get a trip number, but are not required to book travel through TravelPlex.

5. Upon completion of travel, the unit providing funding, e.g. the student's academic department, must submit expenses for the student on an eSeePay Online DPV (available in Banner Self-Service on the Finance tab), making sure to attach an eSee DPV Student Travel Cover Page.

Detailed University policies and procedures are available at on the Business & Finance website.

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