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Bachelor of Science Core Curriculum Requirements

Bachelor of Science Core Worksheet

A single course may not fulfill more than one core requirement, except for Diversity
in the US and Global Citizenship courses, which may do "Double Duty" by satisfying
another core, major or minor requirement.

3 hrs Foundations of Discourse
All students must complete ENGL1900: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research or ENGL1940: Advanced Writing. Students needing prerequisite work in writing skills, as determined by entering test scores, will be required to take ENGL1500: Process of Composition, and perhaps ENGL0900: Introduction to Writing. ENGL1500 serves as elective credit, but ENGL0900 does not count toward graduation.

Students in the Honors Program may satisfy this requirement by completing HR211: Advanced Composition. Non-native speakers of English may substitute ESL150: The Process of Composition for Foreign Students for ENGL1500, and ESL190: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research for Foreign Students for ENGL1900.

3 hrs Foreign Language
Proficiency through second course level (102 or 115): CHIN, GK, LATN, FREN, GR, ITAL, RUSS, SPAN. The foreign language requirement may also be satisfied by a minimum of one semester's study in a foreign country at a College/University where a language other than English is employed in courses taken. (SLU Language Lab placement tests do not satisfy the foreign language requirement.)
6 hrs Cultural Diversity
A&S degree seeking students enrolling Fall semester 2011 or thereafter must complete one course
from the Diversity in the U.S. list and one course from the Global Citizenship list below. Diversity
in the US and Global Citizenship courses may do "Double Duty" by satisfying another core, major or 
minor requirement. (To view the Cultural Diversity requirement for students enrolled at SLU
BEFORE Fall 2011, click on this link:
Cultural Diversity requirement-Before Fall 2011.)


3 hrs Diversity in the U.S.
AAM200 Introduction to African American Studies
AAM201 Contemporary Black America
AAM222/ARTH222 African American Art
AAM250/CMM230 Intergroup Dialog
AAM295 Intergroup Dialogue - Black Male Identity (effective Fall 2015)
AAM322/ASTD322 The Urban Crisis
AAM337 Spirituals, Motown, and Hip Hop:  African American Social History and Music
AAM434/PSY424 African American Psychology
AAM481/PHIL482 Philosophy and Race
AAM490 Black Women in Society
ARTH222/AAM222 African American Art
ASTD120 Investigating America
ASTD260 American Places
ASTD270 Women and Social Justice
ASTD310 American Decades
ASTD320 Making the American City
ASTD322/AAM322 The Urban Crisis
ASTD370 Mixed-Race America
ASTD425 American Mosaic - Literature and Diversity
CCJ 225 Introduction to Corrections
CMM230/AAM250 Intergroup Dialogue
CMM330 Intercultural Communication
CMM432 Communication across Racial Divisions
CMM435 Stereotyping and Bias in Mass Media
CSDI300 Characteristics of Multicultural Populations
ENGL 3550 Native American Literature
ENGL3560 American Ethnic Literature and Film
ENGL3240 The Female Bildungsroman
HCE426 Race and Research Ethics
HIST350 Progressive Era to the Jazz Age, 1870-1920 (effective Fall 2015)
HIST359 American Women
HIST364 History of the American West since 1848
MLNG321 Repairing the World: Social Justice through the Lenses of the Jewish Tradition
PHIL432 Feminism and the History of Ethics
PHIL481/WSTD481 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL482/AAM481 Philosophy and Race
POLS201 Ethics and Politics
POLS215 The Politics of Black America
POLS222 Urban Politics
POLS313 Civil Liberties and Rights
POLS376/WSTD390 Feminist Theory
POLS378 Disability Theory and Politics
POLS380 Structure of Poverty
POLS397 Metropolitan Environment
PSY433 Psychology of Oppression
PSY434/AAM434 African American Psychology
PUBH 365 Public Health and Social Justice
SOC111 Introduction to Sociology: Diversity Emphasis
SOC1120 Sociology: Diversity and Health
SOC150 The Urban Community:Race, Class and Spatial Justice
SOC211 Sociology of Sport
SOC329 Native Peoples of North America
SOC343/WSTD344 Marriage and Family
THR270 Exploring U.S. Diversity in Theatre
SWRK327 Diversity and Anti-Oppression Practice
WGST197 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGST330/CMM330 Intercultural Communication
WGST344/SOC343 Marriage and Family
WGST390/POLS376 Feminist Theory
WGST420/PSY426 Psychology of Women
WGST433/PSY433/AAM433 Psychology of Oppression
WGST481/PHIL481 Feminist Philosophy
WGST490/AAM490 Black Women in Society
WSTD420 Psychology of Women


3 hrs Global Citizenship
AAM212/ARTH212 Survey of Art in Africa
AAM232/ARTH232 Art of African Diaspora
ARTH210 Art of Jerusalem and Three Faiths
ARTH212/AAM212 Survey of Art in Africa
ARTH214 Islamic Art and Society
ARTH232/AAM232 Art of African Diaspora
ARTH235 Excavating Culture of Three Faiths
ARTH314 Islamic Art and Society
ASTD240 American Homefronts, Global Wars
ASTD358 Americans Abroad
BIOL134 The Diversity of Life
BIOL328 Ethnobotany
CMH201 Introduction to Global Health
CMM465 International Public Relations
EAS109 Climate Change
ENGL3500 Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL3540 African Diaspora Literature
ENGL3310 World Literary Traditions I
ENGL3320 World Literary Traditions II
ENGL3330 World Literary Traditions III
FREN4180 French and International Relations
FREN487 Exoticism: France and its "Others"
HIST323 History of Africa to 1884
HIST324 History of Africa since 1884
ITAL365 All Things Trans-: Modern Italy Across Borders, Cultures, and Disciplines
MLNG320 Israeli Culture:  From the birth of Zionism to the 21st Century
MUSC117 World Music
PHIL342 Environmental and Ecological Ethics
PHIL349 Jewish Life: Middle Ages to Modern Time
POLS151 Introduction to Politics of the Developing World
POLS160 Introduction to International Politics
POLS252 African Politics
POLS253 Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics
POLS254 Ethnicity and Internal War
POLS255 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
POLS256 The Politics of Asia
POLS257 Introduction to Latin American Politics
POLS260 Introduction to International Political Economy
POLS350 Asian Miracles
POLS353 Comparative Revolution
POLS354 Latin American Social Movements
POLS360 Problems of Globalization
POLS365 International Relations of Africa
PSY427 Cross-Cultural Human Development
PUBH201 Introduction to Global Health
SOC118 Geography of World Regions
SOC120 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC220 Cultural Anthropology (effective Fall 2015)
SOC318 Immigration
SPAN435 Counter Hegemony Discourse
SPAN438 Cultural Stereotypes
SPAN440 Strangers in a Familiar Land: Displacements in Latin America
THEO278 Religions of the World
THEO373 Islam:Religion and Culture
WGST461 Global and Transnational Feminism 


3 hrs Fine Arts
Students must satisfy this requirement through taking one or more of
the following courses (for a total of 3 hours). Exception: A student may
not take Class Piano or Class Voice for core credit concurrently with
applied (private) lessons on that instrument. A student may, however,
receive core credit for a combination of class and private lessons on
a single instrument if the instruction occurs during different semesters.
All courses are 3 credit hours except where noted.

Fine Arts Courses
FPA 1000 Intro to the Arts
FPA 1100 The Arts and Social Change

Studio Art Courses
ART200: Drawing I                             
ART210: Design                                  
ART212: Intro to 3D Design
ART215: Color Theory
ART220: Painting I
ART230: Printmaking I
ART240: Ceramic Sculpture I
ART248 Fibers and Textiles
ART249 Jewelry and Metalsmithing
ART245: Sculptural Materials
ART250: Computer Art I
ART260: Photography I
ART270: Graphic Design I

Art History Courses
ARTH100: Approaching the Arts
ARTH101: History of Art
ARTH102: History of Architecture
ARTH103: Parallel Themes in Art and Literature
ARTH104: Art and Film
ARTH108: Artists and their Art
ARTH111: History of Western Art I
ARTH112: History of Western Art II
ARTH150: Life and Times of Michelangelo
ARTH180: Approaching Abstract Art
ARTH205: Controversy in Art
ARTH210:  Art of Medieval Jerusalem
ARTH/AAM212: Survey of Art in Africa since Prehistory
ARTH213: Pre-Columbian Art
ARTH214/314 Islamic Art and Society (effective Fall 2015)
ARTH215: Saints in Art
ARTH220: The Art of Rome
ARTH/AAM 222: African American Art
ARTH230: Ancient Art Survey
ARTH/AAM232: Art of African Diaspora
ARTH235: Excavating Culture of Three Faiths
ARTH240: Medieval Art Survey
ARTH250: Renaissance Art Survey
ARTH260: Baroque and Rococo Art Survey
ARTH 270 American Art: Colonial to WWII (effective Fall 2015)
ARTH271: American Art Survey
ARTH275: Nineteenth Century Art
ARTH280: Modern Art Survey
ARTH290: Materials and Methods
ARTH 370 American Art: Colonial to WWII (effective Fall 2015)
ASTD 230 Studies in American Photography (effective Fall 2015)
CMM140:  Film Criticism (prerequisite = CMM100)

Dance Courses
DANC263:  Modern Movement/Modern Dance
DANC264: Introduction to Dance: Ballet, Modern, and Jazz

Music Courses
MUSC100: Approaching the Arts: Music
MUSC110: Fundamentals of Music
MUSC115: History of Jazz
MUSC116: Music in St. Louis
MUSC117: World Music
MUSC126: Piano I: Adult Beginners (2)
MUSC 127: Piano II: Upper Elementary (2)
MUSC140: Class Voice (2)
MUSC201-207: Applied Music (1-2)
MUSC227: Music Theory I
MUSC236: Music Literature Seminar
MUSC250: Piano III: Intermediate (2)
MUSC251: Piano 4: Upper Intermediate (2)
MUSC330: Music History I
MUSC331: Music History II
MUSC342: University Chorale/Concert Choir (0-1)
MUSC344: Mastersingers (0-1)
MUSC345: Jazz Ensemble (0-1)
MUSC346: String Orchestra or Quartet (0-1)
MUSC347: University Pep Band (0-0.5)
MUSC348: Guitar Ensemble (0-1)
MUSC349: SLU Concert Band (0-1)
MUSC350: Piano Ensemble (0-1)

Theatre Courses
THR100: Approaching the Arts: Theatre
THR150: Intro to Theatre
THR205: Intro to 3D Design
THR240: Page to Stage
THR251: Acting 1
THR270: Exploring U.S. Diversity in Theatre

3 hrs Literature

All students must complete a 3-hr course chosen from one of the following:

  • any 3000- or 4000-level English literature course  (EXCEPT ENGL3850-3870,
    Writing and Rhetoric; ENGL4000-4040, Upper Level Writing & Rhetoric; and ENGL4100-4120,
    Language Studies);
  • an upper division (3000- or 4000-level) foreign literature course taught in the original language;
  • an upper division (3000- or 4000-level) Greek or Latin literature course with readings in the
    original language;
  • ASTD 2400 - History and Fiction;
  • ASTD 3020 - American Mosaic: Literature and Diversity.
  • ITAL 3650 - All Things Trans
International students may satisfy this requirement by either taking a course in the English department,
or an upper division foreign language literature course.

8 hrs Sciences
8 hours in a single science: BIOL, CHEM, EAS, or PHYS, outside the department offering the B.S. degree.

4-7 hrs Mathematics
4-7 hours through Calculus I (MATH 142) or higher level.

6 hrs World History
All students must complete two courses: HIST111: Origins of the Modern World to 1500 , and HIST112: Origins of the Modern World 1500 to the Present .

6 hrs Philosophy
Two course sequence including PHIL 205: Ethics. Students may take PHIL 105 or an upper division philosophy as their second course.

6 hrs Theology
Two course sequence: THEO100: Theological Foundations and a 200-level course.   

6 hrs Social Science
All students must complete six hours of course work in the Social Sciences. This requirement can be fulfilled by two three-hour courses in the Social Sciences from: AAM 250, ASTD 322, Communication (CMM100, 200, 206, 280, CMM230 only), Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSDI100, 300 only), Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics, Education (EDF424, EDI462, EDSP431 only), Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy Studies (except for field service), Social Work (SWRK100, 227, 302, 327 only), or Sociology and Anthropology. SOC 221, 260, 361, and 362 cannot satisfy both a social science and a natural science requirement of the core curriculum.

Courses that meet both requirements of the Core Curriculum and a department's or program's requirement for the major or minor may be regarded as fulfilling both requirements simultaneously, provided departmental and program policies are preserved. Communication majors may count one communication course in the Social Science core toward their social science requirement. Neither cross-listed courses, nor courses meeting both a Core Curriculum and a department's or program's requirement for the major or minor are counted twice for degree credit.



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