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Overview of the Core Curriculum

The Whole Picture

  • The Whole Person: In keeping with the Jesuit tradition of promoting the development of the whole person, the Core Curriculum of the College of Arts & Sciences provides a framework for acquiring a broad foundation of knowledge in the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. At the same time, the Core fosters intellectual inquiry, ethical decision making, and effective communication across the disciplines.
  • A Vision: By including a range of human knowledge and diverse methods of inquiry, the Core opens the mind to a broader understanding of the self and the transcendent, the relationship of the self to others and the world we share. Inherent in the Core is a commitment to community building based on the Jesuit-inspired vision of men and women for others.
  • Building and Connecting: The foundational education provided by the Core Curriculum serves not only as a basis for further study in a particular area, but also as a catalyst for cross-disciplinary reflection and inquiry. More than a set of required courses from different disciplines, the Core is structured so as to insure acquisition of basic skills and knowledge while providing opportunities for broadening vision and for making connections among disciplines.
  • Living in a Diverse World: In forming men and women for others and in deepening spiritual values in an increasingly interdependent and diverse world, we must think in terms of the global dimensions and implications of knowledge. Critical reflection on cross-cultural issues, whether on the local or global level, is a recurrent theme throughout the Core Curriculum components.
  • Beyond the Requirements: Finally, the Core Curriculum offers a synergy in which the components represent more than a series of individual requirements to be satisfied in different areas of study. Underlying the Core is a dynamic which can stimulate the mind and the imagination and may help explain why a number of recent graduates have credited Saint Louis University with providing, in the words of one alumnus, "a very well-rounded education for students in every area of study." *

* Source: "Results of the Alumni Survey of 2000 Graduates," August 2003, p. ii.


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