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Departmental Hearing of Class A Violations

The current version of the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Dishonesty Report can be found online.

If the student appeals the outcome of the process described in Section IV, or if the instructor or the Department Chair requests a departmental hearing, the faculty member in charge of the course shall impose or review sanctions as follows:

A. Departmental Review

Before conducting a departmental hearing, the Chair shall carry out a prompt and thorough investigation, gathering and discussing the evidence first with the instructor and then with the student involved.

B. Facilitator and Advisors

In the departmental hearing, the Chair shall act as a facilitator or appoint another member of the Department to act in that capacity. If the Department Chair is in charge of the course in which the alleged violation took place, appointment of a disinterested facilitator is required. Subject to the restrictions specified in Section III.B.4, the student may bring an advisor to the meeting, as may the instructor.

C. Hearing

The facilitator shall schedule the hearing, notifying the student and the instructor (as specified in Section III.B.2) and such witnesses as either party may choose to call. Witnesses from within the university community are obliged to attend and may be sanctioned by the College Committee on Academic Honesty if they fail to appear. At the hearing, the facilitator shall insure that both parties have a full and fair opportunity to present evidence and to question witnesses.

D. Sanctions

If, after the conclusion of the hearing, the instructor in charge of the course determines that the preponderance of evidence supports a finding of guilt, he or she shall impose or reaffirm one of the sanctions listed in Section IV.B.

E. Notification, Disclosure, and Retention of Evidence

Within a week after the hearing, the facilitator shall provide the student with written notice of the outcome.

If no violation has been found, records of the case shall be destroyed and confidentiality maintained as specified in Section III.A. If a violation has been found, the Department Chair shall send notification of the complaint, the nature of the evidence, and the outcome of the hearing along with all physical evidence to the College Committee on Academic Honesty. The Committee shall retain such notification and evidence in the Office of the Dean indefinitely. If the student is not a member of the College of Arts and Sciences, notification shall also be sent to the dean of the student's College or School. In all other respects, the case and its outcome shall remain confidential as specified in Section III.A.

F. Right of Appeal

A student found to have committed a policy violation after a departmental hearing has the right to appeal to the Committee according to the procedure outlined in Section VI. Such appeal must be lodged with the Chair of the Department within one week of the date on which the student was notified of the outcome.

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