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Emeriti Faculty Policy


Emeriti Faculty should be canvassed by their chairperson or dean at least once a year to discover what types of information they desire to receive from the University. Deans should notify the Human Resources Department of the names of those emeriti faculty who wish to have their names added to appropriate mailing lists by the various administrative units of the University responsible for sending out this information. All Emeriti should receive Grand Connections and Universitas.

Emeriti Faculty are eligible to hold University I.D. cards which identify them as members of the Emeriti Faculty making them eligible for all of the benefits that accrue to emeriti faculty members as described below.

If they so desire, Emeriti Faculty are entitled to receive notices of all meetings of their School, Department, Graduate, or University Faculty. Emeriti Faculty should be permitted to attend all such meetings and feel free to speak, although they will not have voting rights in decision making. If they have special expertise, they should be invited to present lectures and seminars. Each Department/School should decide this matter according to its best interests. Emeriti names should remain on the University speakers' roster, and their services should be sought for student recruitment and alumni activities.

Emeriti Faculty names should be continued in all catalogs distributed by the University. If they maintain an office, their names should be included in the University's telephone directory and should appear on brochures that are distributed by their respective Departments/Schools.

If holders of University I.D. cards receive any discounts for University functions or events, such as athletics, cultural, or academic programs, Emeriti Faculty should also benefit from such discounts. They should use their I.D. cards as identification when seeking to avail themselves of these opportunities.

In order to assure Emeriti Faculty that they are welcome, the University's support staff in various Departments/Schools should be made aware of these privileges so that they will cooperate in making information available to Emeriti Faculty when it is distributed to the regular full-time faculty.

Deans and Chairpersons should make every effort to keep the Administration of the University current in its information about the status of Emeriti Faculty, should encourage Emeriti to keep the University informed about their activities, and should contact all Emeriti at least once a year to be sure that their addresses are current and to ascertain whether they wish to maintain their relationship with the University and to continue receiving communications.

Emeriti professional activities, such as research, writing, editing, presentations at professional organizations and honors, should be reported to the University community via the same communication channels as are used for regular full-time faculty. Emeriti should be encouraged to continue their professional activities.

At the time full-time ranked faculty receive Emeriti status, recognition of that fact should be made at School and Departmental functions and all-University ceremonies. The occasion should be considered a transition to a new status within the Saint Louis University community rather than a departure. The assumption should be made that professional activity will continue. The extent of University support in furtherance of Emeriti professional activities should be decided in each Department/School within the limits of available resources according to the best interests of all concerned.


The policy which governs Emeriti Faculty and outlines their privileges will be maintained and updated by the Office of the Provost.

Library staff should be made aware of the fact that Emeriti are entitled to all the privileges due current faculty. New acquisitions should reflect Emeriti requests to the extent that the respective Departments/Schools deem it in their mutual interest to do so.

Parking privileges are available to Emeriti Faculty on the same basis as they are available to other faculty.

Membership in the Recreation Center is available to Emeriti Faculty on the same terms as it is to other faculty. Staff should be made aware of these privileges and should be encouraged to develop programs designed to aid Emeriti in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Emeriti Faculty may register for courses at the University without tuition charge subject to the eligibility requirements specified in the faculty manual. Tuition remission is also available to the spouse and children of retired employees, subject to the eligibility guidelines available from the University Benefits Office.

Athletic, cultural, and religious events should be made known to Emeriti Faculty (as discussed in Section 1), and they should be admitted to such events at whatever discount is available to holders of I.D. cards.

Busch Center, Cupples House, and any other administrative or faculty center of the University should be made available to Emeriti Faculty on the same basis as regular full-time faculty. Staff responsible for admission should be made aware of these privileges.

All services at the University that are available to current faculty, such as check cashing, notary, mailing privileges, and use of computer and clerical assistance, should be reviewed by each Department/School to determine whether they can be extended to Emeriti for mutual benefit. As such services are made available, this information should be communicated to the Emeriti Faculty. Staff responsible for overseeing such services should also be made aware of these privileges for Emeriti Faculty.

For those Emeriti Faculty who maintain their medical insurance through University group plans, monthly or quarterly billings should be made available. Staff responsible for overseeing these matters should be made aware of this responsibility.


Emeriti Faculty who remain active professionally are an important resource for the University, and their continued participation in University activities and functions should be encouraged at every level of the University. Academic administrators are encouraged to provide access to office space, telephone, research support and reimbursement for professional travel if they are able to do so within the limits of the resources available within the Department or School. Priority must first be given to meeting the needs of active full-time and teaching faculty.

When possible, Emeriti Faculty should have access to facilities and services such as computers, word processors, laboratories, and clerical assistance. However, their access may be limited to times when such facilities and services are available without inconveniencing full-time faculty.

If Emeriti Faculty indicate a desire to serve on Department, School, Graduate, or all-University committees, they should be permitted to do so, unless such activity is specifically barred by regulations of accrediting agencies or by the constitution and by-laws of the respective University division. If Emeriti Faculty indicate a desire to remain on the University speakers' roster, they should be permitted to do so.

New faculty should be encouraged to consult with Emeriti Faculty to tap their knowledge of the University's history and procedures as well as their expertise in their particular discipline. Emeriti Faculty should be encouraged to develop a mentoring relationship with new faculty and to act as faculty advisors to student groups. They should be encouraged to volunteer their services to the University for recruiting and alumni relations activities.

Retired and Emeritus/a Faculty Policy

July 1, 2000


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