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Faculty Teaching Assignments

In accordance with the mission of the University and in conformance with the spirit of its philosophy of striving for academic excellence, the College of Arts & Sciences recognizes the teaching role of the faculty as a central responsibility. Additionally, the College recognizes that active participation in original research and scholarship is a foundation for excellence in classroom instruction and is absolutely essential for graduate instruction. Therefore, the college policy on teaching assignments should promote the fulfillment of research expectations central to the academic excellence fundamental to the university mission. Each department has dual responsibilities of teaching and research, and the faculty should be fully involved in meeting both responsibilities.

As outlined in The Faculty Manual of Saint Louis University (Sec. III.G.1), Department Chairpersons, subject to review of the dean, are responsible for identifying the teaching obligations of the Department and for assigning individual faculty to meet them. To meet their responsibilities in teaching, research, and service, Department Chairpersons will assign faculty classes and course loads in accordance with written guidelines for teaching loads in the department that have been approved by the dean. Department Chairpersons will report annually to the Dean individual course load assignments as well as the justification for each of those assignments. The Chairperson of each department has the further obligation to ensure that teaching assignments are distributed fairly and in consultation with their faculty, and that the courses scheduled meet the curricular needs of both undergraduate and graduate programs, where appropriate.


Approved by CAS Faculty Council February 5, 2009


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