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Fund for Intellectual Renewal and Enrichment

As a result of the Annual Fund Drive, the College of Arts & Sciences is able to encourage and support enrichment programs at the department and program level. As funds permit, allocations will be made to Departments and Programs to sponsor activities that will add to the growth and vitality of academic life and intellectual pursuits at either the undergraduate and graduate levels. The activities should be of value to the entire unit and the activity should not benefit only a few individuals.


In order to avoid misunderstandings about the appropriate use of these funds, pre-approval of activities supported by the Fund for Intellectual Renewal and Enrichment (FIRE) will be required. The pre-approval form (II.D.2.3) must be completed and submitted for approval before making any arrangements for the event.


The following are appropriate uses of this fund:

· Visiting Scholars

Departments and Programs may request allocations from FIRE in order to bring highly distinguished scholars to campus for formal lectures, seminars, conferences with graduate students and faculty about their research, consultation about curriculum or planning, etc.

· Guest Artists

Departments and Programs may request FIRE funds to bring professional actors, directors, musicians, visual artists, or writers to campus for a production, performance, or reading.

· Lecture Series

Departments and Programs may use these funds to sponsor three or four lectures focused on a common theme. The series could be of general academic interest and made available to persons outside of the sponsoring department.

· Individual Speakers

Departments and Programs may wish to offer a traditional program of an invited speaker for a one-day appearance. The lecture topic may be either of general interest or one of rather specialized interest for the students and faculty of the sponsoring department.

· Conferences

Departments and Programs may request FIRE funds in order to underwrite the cost of discipline-based conferences by providing honoraria for speakers and the costs of printing, mailing, travel, and hospitality. The conference should explore some timely research issue in the discipline.

Modest refreshments may be served at events at which persons who are not university employees are present. Meals may be served at department retreats.

Other categories of uses that fit within the general guidelines require specific approval of the Dean. The guiding principle is that these funds should be used to enhance the activities of the units and should not be used for expenses that are normally covered by the budgetary process.

The current allocations are as follows. Each department may use up to $2,000 of this fund and each program may use up to $500. Since these allocations are made from the College's Annual Fund, with the permission of the Dean they may be carried over to the next fiscal year. Units may pool allocations for cooperative projects.

July 1, 2000


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