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Undergraduate Mentoring

The Faculty Manual of Saint Louis University states that student counseling is a responsibility of all full-time faculty, and this activity is accomplished through formal counseling assignments or as a normal extension of teaching activities. Formal counseling assignments at the undergraduate level are made so that departmental majors can receive appropriate academic advice and counsel relative to their overall academic experiences. In light of this, the mentor should be accessible, personable, knowledgeable, and ready to make referrals if necessary. However, a student must assume the role of an active, responsible participant in the mentoring relationship. Hence, each student is ultimately responsible for initiating and maintaining on-going mentor contacts, and for being aware of his or her academic requirements and overall standing.

The Department Chairperson is responsible for insuring that undergraduate mentoring within his or her department is of high quality. Therefore, the Chairperson shall assign mentoring duties to interested, qualified faculty. In this process, a student's request for a particular faculty mentor should be considered, and the assignment of mentees should be relatively equally divided among the departmental faculty.

The mentoring process tends to vary within the College, so well-planned and properly presented training sessions should be effective in enhancing the overall quality of departmental mentoring. These sessions could be conducted regularly within departments. Training sessions would assist in mentor enrichment by updating  mentors relative to referral sources, administrative forms and procedures, and basic counseling skills.

Mentoring is a very important aspect of a student's academic experience at Saint Louis University, and therefore, this activity should not be clerical or perfunctory. When one reviews the literature on this subject, it is clear that good mentoring has a very positive impact on student retention. Therefore, good mentoring should be recognized and rewarded. It is the responsibility of the Department Chairperson to evaluate the quality of the mentoring rendered by each faculty member in his or her department and to weigh that evaluation in assigning an annual salary increment.


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