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Categories of Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (TA): 

A teaching assistant will generally be assigned to one or two undergraduate classes per semester of their appointment, and may be responsible for a number of duties, such as the following: (1) working with undergraduate students in small groups; (2) leading group discussions; (3) monitoring examinations and grading assigned papers; (4) helping to prepare lectures; (5) conducting laboratory sessions; and (6) teaching a course as the primary instructor. Working under the direction of a faculty supervisor, a teaching assistant will have the opportunity to develop skills related to teaching and instruction and to gain a deeper understanding of the discipline.


Graduate Research Assistantship (RA):

 A research assistant may be appointed in a specific department through the academic unit's budget (i.e., of the college, school, or center), or by the principal investigator of an externally-funded research project (e.g., a grant). The general duties of both university-funded and externally-funded research assistants may include the following: (1) library searches; (2) fieldwork; (3) laboratory experiences; and (4) preparation of research and grant proposals. Under the close supervision of a faculty mentor, a research assistant will have the opportunity to develop knowledge as a researcher and scholar, as well as professional skills in research that complement the student's graduate education.


Graduate Assistantship (GA):

 A student may be assigned to a graduate assistantship of which the primary duties are not related to teaching or research. These graduate assistantships may be classified as one of the following four categories:

  • Graduate Assistantship (Professional): A Professional Graduate Assistant may work within an academic department, a University administrative unit, or with student clubs and organizations. Students are assigned a range of duties depending on their assignment, and may include tasks such as: (1) providing administrative and programmatic support; (2) assisting with special projects; (3) performing literature reviews; (4) gathering, organizing, and interpreting information; (5) providing student assistance; and (6) coordinating and marketing activities and events. Assignments and duties are intended to support and augment a student's field of study and academic experience, and to allow students to gain practical experience and professional skill development related to their career direction.
  • Graduate Assistantship (Technology): A Technology Graduate Assistant works with Instructional Multimedia to support academic, research, and/or administrative needs within a department or to specific faculty. Assignments are department specific, and may include tasks such as: (1) providing support for web- or technology-based projects; (2) helping to implement technology solutions in teaching and instruction; (3) preparing reports and surveys; (4) performing computer data entry and record maintenance; and (5) providing support for department publications. (Please Note: Departments generally offer a limited number of this type of assignment.)
  • Graduate Assistantship (Clinical): A Clinical Graduate Assistant supports the administrative and operational functions of the Center for Counseling and Family Therapy (CCFT) at the University. The duties of this assignment generally include significant student and client interaction, and may also include tasks such as: (1) providing administrative and clerical support to the Center staff; (2) providing linkage for clients and visitors to community resources and external agencies; (3) providing programmatic assistance for Center workshops and events; (4) supporting the marketing and publicity efforts of the Center; and (5) assisting with research-related projects. (Please Note: This position is only available to students within the Counseling & Family Therapy degree programs.)
  • Graduate Assistantship (Other): A limited number of Graduate Assistantships are available in which the primary responsibilities of the assignment do not fall into any of the other categories of Graduate Assistantships. These assignments are department specific, and may include a variety of duties. These positions may also include on- or off-campus assignments.



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