Saint Louis University

General Core Requirements:

Course(s) Hours
English Composition (190 or equivalent) 3
Latin, Greek, or Modern Language through the intermediate level (may be satisfied by a passing grade on an approved language competency examination) 9
Social Science
(may be satisfied by courses in Sociology/Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, course cross-listed with these, or courses whose content is judged appropriate)
Theology 9
Total General Core Hours 33

Track Requirements
Philosophy and Letters undergraduates must organize their non-philosophical
coursework along one of three different tracks. The Bachelor of Arts Degree
gives the student a choice between the Humanities track and the Language
track. The Bachelor of Science Degree requires the student to follow the
Mathematics/Natural Science track.

Track 1: Humanities (BA)

Course(s) Hours
English, American, or World Literature 12
Fine Arts or or Art History 9
History 9
Mathematics or Logic 3
Natural Science 6
Total track-1 hours: 39

Track 2: Language (BA)

Course(s) Hours
English, American, or World Literature 6
Fine Arts or Art History 3
History 6
Mathematics or Logic 3
Natural Science 6
A second foreign language through the intermediate level 9
Total track-2 hours: 33

Track 3: Mathematics/Natural Science (BS)

Course(s) Hours
English, American, or World Literature 9
Fine Arts or Art History 3
History 6
(Math 120 or higher-level course and two additional
courses in mathematics; may be satisfied by a score of
550 on the SAT Examination for 3 semester hours of
the mathematics requirement; two additional courses
at an appropriate level must be taken)
Natural Science 12
Total track-3 hours: 39


Philosophy Major Requirements:

Course(s) Hours
Philosophy of Knowledge 3
Philosophy of God 3
Philosophy of Human Nature 3
Ethics 3
History of Greek Philosophy 3
History of Medieval Philosophy 3
History of Classical Modern Philosophy 3
Contemporary Philosophy
(may be satisfied by any course focused on
philosophical thinkers or topics from late 19th
century to present)
Social Analysis/Special Ethics
(may be satisfied by courses in other disciplines, provided their content is appropriate; these courses may also simultaneously satisfy other core requirements or track requirements)
Synthesis Seminar 3
Total Philosophy hours 36
Total non-elective hours: 93-108

To satisfy the University's minimum graduation requirement of 120 hours, students may either pursue a second
major, a minor, or electives. Mathematics or language requirements that have been satisfied by a competency
examination do not count toward the 120-hour minimum for graduation; such examinations reduce the total number
of non-elective hours, so that additional courses must be taken to satisfy the 120-hour requirement.