Saint Louis University

Program for Post-Baccalaureate Students

The College also admits full-time and part-time non-degree seeking students who already
have an undergraduate degree, but who must fulfill the philosophical and theological
requirements for ordination. These students are required to complete the Philosophy
Requirements below, which can be satisfied at the undergraduate or graduate level;
appropriate courses taken at other institutions may satisfy these requirements, with the
exception of the Special Ethics/Social Analysis courses, which normally must be taken after
admission to the College. In addition, Jesuit students are expected to complete eight graduate
level theology courses, in areas approved by the Jesuit Conference and United States
Provincials. The theology requirements are normally satisfied by graduate courses offered by
the Saint Louis University Theology Department or by the Aquinas Institute of Theology. The
Moral Theology requirement is normally taken in the second year, as a cluster course in
tandem with an approved upper- or graduate-level ethics course and the one-hour
Integration Seminar.

Philosophy Requirements

Course(s) Hours
Philosophy of Knowledge  3
Philosophy of God  3
Philosophy of Human Nature  3
Ethics  3
History of Greek Philosophy  3
History of Medieval Philosophy  3
History of Classical Modern Philosophy  3
Contemporary Philosophy
                 (late 19th century to present)
Social Analysis/Special Ethics
                 (May be satisfied by appropriate
                  courses in other disciplines.) 
Synthesis Seminar  3
Total Philosophy hours 36

 Graduate Theology Requirements

Course(s) Hours
Moral Theology 3
Systematic/Liturgical/Historical Theology 6
Scriptures 6
Church History 3
Electives 6
Total Graduate Theology hours 24

Cluster Course Requirement

Course(s) Hours
Integration Seminar
(Concurrent with Moral Theology and advanced ethics)






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