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Resources for Faith & Dialogue

The College of Philosophy and Letters is dedicated to providing its students with the
intellectual formation for engaging issues of faith and justice in dialogue with culture.
This orientation reflects recent documents of the Society of Jesus, in particular the
Thirty-fourth General Congregation (1995), which framed the Jesuit mission in terms
of the dialogue with culture, promotion of justice, and interreligious dialogue. The Catholic
university provides one of the main sites for such dialogue. As Pope John Paul II explained
in his apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae (1990), the Catholic university is "a primary
and privileged place for a fruitful dialogue between the Gospel and culture" (parag. 43).

The links below are offered as resources and opportunities for anyone who desires to
enter more deeply into the dialogue of faith and justice with culture, and the spirituality that
sustains such dialogue.

Jesuit Post

Institute for Jesuit Sources

Escuela Ignaciana de Espiritualidad  

Matteo Ricci Speaker Series

Become a Jesuit?

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