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The Bellarmine House of Studies

The program based at the Bellarmine House of Studies provides religious and academic formation for Jesuit students. Typically their studies are done at Saint Louis University, principally through the College of Philosophy and Letters, whose dean is also their academic director and advisor.

3737 Westminster Place
St. Louis, MO 63108-3407
Phone: 314.652.8862

Four houses, in a residential neighborhood, on the fringe of the main campus of Saint Louis University, accommodating over thirty residents, including half a dozen non-students.

Rev. Thomas Greene, S.J.

Rev. John Vowells, S.J.

Director of Studies & Dean:
Br. William Rehg, S.J.
Office: 314.977.3827

Apostolates: eight hours per week on campus or at selected parishes, schools and social ministry sites around the city.

Studies: Typically 3 years, usually terminating in a bachelor's degree or master's degree (in philosophy, American studies, counseling, English, etc.)

The College of Philosophy and Letters is a school of Saint Louis University, with its own dean and offering its own degrees. Devoted to the early academic formation of Catholic seminarians, the College enrolls students from different dioceses and religious communities and collaborates closely with their sponsoring bodies and their formation programs.  All students receive a one-fourth tuition reduction.  Most courses are provided by other schools of the University, especially the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Saint Louis University, with three campuses, twelve schools and over 13,000 students, is the oldest university west of the Mississippi. The University's other divisions include: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education and Public Service, College of Health Sciences, School of Business, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, College for Public Health and Social Justice, School of Social Work, and School of Professional Studies.

The Philosophy Department of the College of Arts and Sciences, with three endowed chairs and nineteen full-time faculty, offers degrees at all levels. Its strengths lie in history of philosophy, philosophy of religion and medieval philosophy, epistemology, ethics, and social and political philosophy. The chairman of the department is Rev. Theodore Vitali, C.P.

Aquinas Institute, a Dominican school of theology located just south of the main campus of Saint Louis University, makes an important contribution to the Bellarmine House of Studies program.

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