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I have received many requests from librarians and teachers to reproduce this guide in print form. I'm glad that my work has proven useful enough to remain "in demand," but because I designed this tutorial to be read on the Web, and because I plan to make changes as time permits, I have generally not given my permission to reproduce or archive this guide. I have attached the following statement to the bottom of the main page, and each of the catenated pages:

All materials on this website are copyrighted () by Craig Branham.

The materials available on this site were designed to be read on the World Wide Web. They may not be reprinted and redistributed in any form. I extend permission to individuals and non-profit institutions to create links from a WWW page to any document on the site, as long as it is clear from the link context that these materials are not owned or affiliated with any project or organization other than the Department of English at Saint Louis University.

Editors and authors of magazines, trade journals, books, and other print or electronic media must obtain permission to reproduce any part of this site. These materials were not intended for print publication or distribution.

28-Oct - 24-Nov-97
Some links in the section of the tutorial on Page Types have been changed because of 404 errors and other problems. I also noticed that some changes made in the Frames version were not made in the No-Frames version. These inconsistencies have been corrected.

I modified the link frame on almost every Frames page to leave as much screen space in the display frame as possible.

The site is now stable, once again. I am not sure when I will have a chance to revise and expand this guide next, but I have a number of ideas for new sections. The many notes I have received from readers have been very helpful. If you have any further suggestions for the guide, please feel free to send them to me.

I made a major design overhaul of the entire site after reading the suggestions of Eric B Gersbach, a student in John McLaughlin's technical writing class at East Stroudsburg University. In the Frames version, I have divided content pages into sub-Frames along the border of the gutter to keep the gutter static. Frames users no longer have to scroll back up from the end of a page to reach the link list. I should mention that I am now officially ready to join the International "I Hate Frames" Club. I also rewrote the last part of the introduction and moved the links into a separate "site index." Eric reported that he and some of his classmates felt there were too many links in the text. I realize that adding the index is not a very aesthetically pleasing fix, but I am short on time and ideas. Suggestions are welcome. My thanks go to Eric for his.

06-Oct - 22-Oct-97
A period during which I have made a number of minor format changes and edits. No substantive changes.

Added this list of Web changes, and added (thanks to Nick Carbone's suggestion) a glossary of terms. I also edited the text for mechanical errors and wooden sounding paragraphs. Now the site should be good enough for general student use. Thanks to everyone on ACW-L, and elsewhere, who provided valuable suggestions.

Mounted the first "beta" version of this site.

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