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From its beginning in the fall of 2000, Mickelgemote has provided a forum for graduate students to present their work and field questions from other graduate students and faculty. From the Old English meaning roughly "meeting of the big wigs," Mickelgemotes usually consist of three conference-length (about 20 minutes) presentations followed by a question and answer period. Sponsored by EGO, this series reflects the broad range of scholarly interests of the students in the Department of English as well as their technological prowess and ability to dress up when they have to. Keep an eye out on the announcement section of the English home page for upcoming installments.

Mickelgemote XIV:

  • "Confessions of a Justified Swindler: The Pardoner, the Canon's Yeoman, and another look at the Hengwrt Discrepancy" by Jill Fitzgerald

  • "The Opposition of Christianity and Pagan Magic in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" by Danielle Hignett

  • "Writing in a State of Becoming" by Katie Mathews

Mickelgemote XIII:

  • "The Custom of the Country" by Melissa Mayus

  • "Unconditionally" (Creative Piece) by Sarah Fielding

  • "Memory and the Art of Imagery" by John Walter

Mickelgemote XII:

  • "Verbal Parallels to the Addition to “The Grave" by Eve Siebert

  • "Producing Audience: Emotional Rhetoric and Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth" by Laurie Britt-Smith

  • "The Psychology of Order: Chaucer's Monk, a Fish out of Water" by Justin Noetzel

Mickelgemote XI:

  • "Accessing Faith-based Language and Literacy in the Composition Classroom" by Laurie Smith

  • "Deconstructing 'Woman' in Modern Jane Austen Adaptations: Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones's Diary" by Micki Nyman

Mickelgemote X:

  • "Virginia Woolf's Cinematic Palimpsest: Death of the Subject" by Micki Nyman

  • "Privy History: Reading the King's (and Cardinal's) Two Bodies in Cavendish's Life of Wolsey and More's Richard III" by Lea Luecking Frost

  • "Fantastic Methods: Dialogism and Subjectivity in Margaret Cavendish's 'Female Orations' and The Blazing World" by Sheri McCord

Mickelgemote IX:

  • "Intersecting Spaces in Olive Schreiner and Doris Lessing" by Micki Nyman

  • "To Move a Sovereign: Motivation and Audience in John Stubb's 'The Gaping Gulph'" by Tim Moylan

Mickelgemote VIII:

  • Germanic Ethos and Christian Ethics in "The Lord of the Rings" by John Walter

  • "Room Amid Remembered Tragedies": Yeats and the Legacy on Hunger Striking" by Katie St. Peters

  • The Failure and Performance of Home in Harold Pinter's 'The Birthday Party' and W.B. Yeats's 'Purgatory' by Art Santirojprapai

Mickelgemote VII:

  • Self, Translation, Memory: The Possibility of Intercultural Literacy by Susan Fanetti

  • Acrobatics and Code-Switching: Framing Self and Society by Gina Merys Mahaffey

  • Textbooks, Literacies, and the Writing Classroom by Katie St. Peters

  • Discourses, Literacies, Communities: Ethnographic Transformations by Deborah Scaggs

Mickelgemote VI:

  • "A Vacuum All Repelling": Irony in The Book of Urizen by Bob Early

  • "Re: The Fact That I Am Fiction": The Avatars of Mary-Anne Breeze by John Reep

  • William Langland: Show Him the Money by Tom Westman

Mickelgemote V:

  • Phantasmagoric Breath: Redisremembering Yeats and the Reading of the Bones by Roger Whitson

  • Hamlet: Hesitations and Ghost Ambiguity by Deborah Scaggs

  • 'Where the evil lies': Racial Atavism and Greed in Frank Norris's McTeague by Cheryl DeBeaux

Mickelgemote IV:

  • Corregidora's Blues: The Effects of Repetition in Gayl Jones' Corregidora by Steve Joos

  • Beowulf as memoria: Cultural Memory, Trauma, and Narrative by John Walter

  • The Female Body as Male Colony: The Role of Imoinda in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko by Gina Mahaffey

Mickelgemote III:

  • "'Let One Imagine Forty':  Gertrude Stein's Novel of Numbers" by John Reep

  • Sydney Owenson's Irish Nationalism: How the Wild Irish Girl Rewrote the Act of Union by Katie St. Peters

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Other by Lex Ames

Mickelgemote II:

  • The Quest for a National Myth: William Dyce's Frescoes for the Queen's Robing Room. by Deborah Hyland

  • "Wardrobe Actors": The Show of Wealth in Sister Carrie by Bob Blaskiewicz

Mickelgemote I:

  • The Dead and the Restless: Old Icelandic Draugar and Folklore Vampires by Eve E. Siebert

  • "She learned romance late in life": Austen's Persuasion and The Wife of Bath by John Paul Walter

  • Tennyson's Pivotal Idyll: "Pelleas and Ettarre" by Graham Johnson

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