An example of output from the eye-tracker. "Hotter" colors indicate areas of longer gaze duration.


Welcome to our website.  The Cognitive Neuroscience of Stress (CNS) lab is a research laboratory located at Saint Louis University.  We are interested in how psychological stress affects attention, encoding, consolidation, and retrieval of memory.  We use endocrine measures (cortisol), autonomic nervous system activity (heart rate variability, skin conductance, pupil diameter), and eye-tracking methodology to examine how stress affects cognition.

We are a part of Saint Louis University's Department of Psychology and are located in Shannon Hall room 013.

Potential graduate students: If you're interested in applying to graduate school at SLU and working in the CNS lab, please email Dr. Buchanan (tbuchan7 [at]

 partially updated: 30 August 2010