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Version 3.5 (July 1999)

by Claude Pavur of Saint Louis University

Ram logo RAM 3.5 is a small freeware device for presenting word-groups sequentially at a pace chosen by the user. It is a tachistoscope ("rapid-viewer") that supports efficient and rhythmic reading, rehearsal of text-comprehension, and acceleration in reading speed. It facilitates the repetition that has long been known to be essential for language-learning.


RAM35 screen shot


Though it can be used for different purposes (e.g., vocabulary-learning, text-file viewing, speed-reading in one's native language, rehearsal of texts for memorization), RAM 3.5 is a device primarily designed to help foreign-language learners practice texts through the sequential delivery of word-groups to a monitor screen. The device will be especially useful in conjunction with an approach to language-learning that stresses the importance of mastering lexical phrases rather than individual vocabulary words.

Users load a plain ASCII or ANSI-textfile that consists of lines separated by carriage returns. They then negotiate this loaded list by FORWARD and BACK buttons, or through the automatic-review features.

The window is customizable and the control-panel can be hidden:

ram35custom2 ram35custom1

Scrollbars set and display the desired rate for:


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RAM 3.5 enhancements


RAM 3.0 enhancements


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    Download RAM 3.5

This software is copyrighted, but freely provided as is for non-commercial, educational use, with no attendant guarantees or liabilities.   The author (at pavurcn@slu.edu) would appreciate comments and bug-reports.






7kb Read this file in your browser now to get a better idea of the program. Download it for use with RAM, perhaps as the first file that you will open in it. The help text explains how to install, use, and uninstall the software, gives tips, and lists all of the speed keys.


448kb All you really need is this one file. It is the RAM 3.5 program file, ready to run with a double-click. Not zipped.


270kb RAM executable file zipped into an executable file. This option only requires a double click to start a program that will ask for a directory into which it should unpack the files. The help file will be placed into the same directory.


Rated 5 star at Super 
Shareware !!! 08-10-1999 featured in lockergnome 08-20-1998
Silver Chalice award from AbleMedia Classics Technology Center 03-1999

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Troubleshooting and Known issues:


3.5: July 4, 1999: Drag-and-drop; Stay-on-top saveable setting; screensaver disabled during autoplay; fontsize displayed on status panel.

3.0: June 13, 1999: Greatly expanded text-file capacity under Windows 98; the ability to save timer-settings, viewing options and a bookmark-number; a sleeker control panel with a status panel; many more speed-key options and better keyboard-control; a new matched-list option (for dual-item lists or for bilingual lists in which every other item is in the alternate language); coding in the fast and powerful programming language of Inprise / Borland's Delphi 4.

2.0: July 19, 1998: Saveable font-, color-, window-position settings, more menu-commands and shortcut-keys, last-file re-loading

1.5: July 13, 1998: Menus, Color-choices, Hideable Control-Panel, correction of minor bugs.

1.01: July 9, 1998: Resizable window, greater font-size range.

1.0: March 14, 1998: Initial Release

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