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Why Ebooks?



Catiline's War: A Pari Passu Reader L'Homond's Epitome of Sacred History John Harmar's Praxis Grammatica of 1623
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in Latin Particularly Good Latin Shakespeare's Sonnets in Latin and English


Why Ebooks?


For Latin for the Barnes and Noble Nook ereader, or for use with the free Nook for the Web  or Nook for iPad and iPhone, there are several titles that can also serve as inexpensive textbook editions for beginning through advanced Latin, including


The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius in Latin Corderius Colloquies Book II Cicero's De Domo Sua Deeds of the Romans (Gesta Romanorum)
Seneca Letters Books 1-2 De Viris Illustribus Pliny's Letters Books 1-2 Livy XXIII Acceleration Reader
Particularly Good Latin Cicero's De Officiis complete Catiline's War: A Pari Passu Reader Confucius Analects in Latin
Harmar's Praxis Grammatica Tusculan Disputations I Julius Caesar in Latin Shakespeare's Sonnets in Latin


Why Ebooks?


New for the Nook: Latin versions of a celebrated work of neo-classical English literature; a famous life of Cicero; the heroic Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf; and Cicero's Pro Archia with translation.



Now available in paperback, and for the Nook or Kindle ereaders:


Also readable with Kindle for iPad or Nook for iPad.








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