Pedagogical Devices Supporting
the More Rapid Acquisition of Latin

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Acceleration Readers

use typographical design to accelerate reading comprehension and to aid rehearsal and oral presentation. Segmentation helpfully isolates the syntactical units that need to be mastered. Learners attain the ability to comprehend larger and larger units at a time, with an awareness of syntactical relationships (modifications, parallelisms, subordinations).

Syntactical Compendia

can be easily compiled from marked readers. They consist of syntactical constructions that need to be mastered to assure speedier reading (adjectival, ablative, genitive, prepositional, gerundive phrases; subordinate clauses; accusative with infinitive constructions; idioms; special case uses; etc.) As storehouses of parallel examples, these compendia can be used to increase familiarity with such structures and therefore the speed of interpreting them.

GRASP texts

can be generated by and used in conjunction with Acceleration Readers. They present the constituent parts of sentences with variety and incremental complexity to help readers attain the ability to grasp the original text in the order in which it is presented, with immediate comprehension. Repetition is built into this device, as is progress from simpler to more complex structures.

Syntactical Thesaurus

gathers a wide array of micro-structures that must be mastered before reading can be fluent. E.g., learners must be familiar with the structure [direct object - verb - subject] or [preposition - (genitive + object of the preposition)]. Such phrases can come from any text, but the GRASP texts and the Acceleration Reader texts can provide a good basis for gathering such examples.







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