Zacharias Pearce's Longinus

1762 [1724, 1732]


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Dionysii Longini

De Sublimitate Commentarius


Quem Nova Versione donavit

Notis illustravit,
et partim Manuscriptorum ope,
partim conjectura emendavit
(additis etiam omnibus ejusdem Auctoris Fragmentis)

Zacharias Pearce


Impensis J. & R. Tonson.






Textual Data and Web-editor's Note

Dionysii Longini De Sublimitate Commentarius. Ed. Zacharias Pearce. London: J. & R. Tonson, 1762. Web edition 2003 © Claude Pavur, S.J., Saint Louis University.

Almost all of Zacharias Pearce's text (originally published in 1724 and revised for the second edition of 1732) can be found here, except for the Greek side of his bilingual edition and his extensive Latin notes (click here to see a page sample). I have tried to retain the italicization of the original, and I have indicated the original page-numbering in brackets. Any Greek words cited are given here in Beta Greek code [q = theta, w = omega, j = terminal s, h = êta, y = psi, etc.].

This neo-Latin translation of a highly-esteemed ancient work of Greek literary criticism is being made available through the support of the resources of Saint Louis University and the Society of Jesus. It is being provided solely for non-commercial academic use.

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1. Title / Data   2. Dedication   3. Preface   4. Life   5. Text   6. Index



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