Pedro de Ribadeneira

Vita Ignatii Loiolae


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Full English translation with notes:
The Life of Ignatius of Loyola




Pedro de Ribadeneira's Life of Ignatius of Loyola

English translation by Claude Pavur, S.J.

Saint Louis: Institute of Jesuit Sources, 2014


The first full biography of the famous saint and founder of the Jesuit order appeared in Latin in Naples in 1572. Its author, Pedro de Ribadeneira (1526–1611) was an early companion who had been an important witness to the rise and phenomenal growth of the Society of Jesus in the sixteenth century. Here is a brisk yet sweeping narrative with sharp and fundamental insights into Ignatian spirituality and the thinking behind the order's apostolic activity. This first translation into English is based on the 1965 critical edition by Cándido de Dalmases. With introduction, notes, appendices, and index, this edition is an essential source for Jesuit studies. It will serve both scholars and a much wider public.

Order from Jesuit Sources at Boston College:





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