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1. Accipiter et Columbae.

accipiter, accipitris

hawk (any of several species); flying gurnard (fish)

columba, columbae

pigeon; dove; (term of endearment); (bird of Venus/symbol of love/gentleness)

milvus, milvî

kite [bird]

columbâre, columbâris

pigeon compartment / cot / hole; collar for constraint, pillory; niche in sepulchre

annuô [=adnuô], annuere, annuî, annûtus

designate with a nod, nod assent; indicate, declare; favor/smile on; agree to, grant

strâgês, strâgis

overthrow; massacre, slaughter, cutting down; havoc; confused heap

edô, edere, edidî, editus

give out, put forth, emit; publish; relate; beget

patrôcinium, patrôcini(î)

protection, defence patronage, legal defence


2. Mûs et Milvus.

mûs, mûris


laqueum, laqueî

noose, halter; snare, trap; lasso; bond, tie

irrêtiô, irrêtîre, irrêtîvî, irrêtîtus

entangle; catch in a net

musculus, musculî

little mouse; military shed, 'mousie'

corrôdô, corrôdere, corrôsî, corrôsus

gnaw, gnaw away; chew up; gnaw to pieces

plaga, plagae

hunting net, snare, trap; tract, region, stretch of country, quarter, zone; stroke, blow, stripe, cut, thrust, wound, injury, misfortune, impression

beneficium, benefici(î)

kindness, favor, benefit, service, help; privilege, right

soleô, solêre, solitus sum

be in the habit of; become accustomed to

grâtia, grâtiae

loveliness; influence; favor, grace; gratitude, thanks (pl.)

reddô, reddere, reddidî, redditus

return; restore; deliver; hand over, pay back, render, give back; translate




3. Hoedus et Lupus.

haedus [ = hoedus], haedî

kid, young goat; two stars in constellation Auriga (Charioteer), "The Kid"

lupus, lupî

wolf; grappling iron

praetereô, praeterîre, praeterîvî (iî), praeteritus

pass by, go by; disregard, omit; surpass

maledîcô, maledîcere, maledixî, maledictus

speak ill / evil of, revile, slander; abuse, curse

tectum, tectî

roof; ceiling; house

tegô, tegere, texî, tectus

cover, protect; defend; hide

reddô, reddere, reddidî, redditus

return; restore; deliver; hand over, pay back, render, give back; translate

audax, audâcis (gen.); audâcior ior ius; audâcissimus a um

bold, daring; courageous; reckless, rash; audacious, presumptuous; desperate




4. Grus et Pâvô.

grus, gruis

crane; large bird; siege engine

pâvô, pâvônis


penna, pennae

feather, wing


(preposition + ablative) in the presence of, before; (may precede or follow object); personally

formôsus a um; formôsior ius; formôsissimus a um

beautiful, finely formed, handsome

dêformitâs, dêformitâtis

ugliness, deformity, blemish, disfigurement; disrepair; disgrace, degradation; inelegance, impropriety, lack of good taste (speech / writing); shapelessness

levitâs, levitâtis

levity; lightness, mildness; fickleness; shallowness

tarditâs, tarditâtis

slowness of movement, action, etc.


on account of, for the sake of, for; instead of; right before

tribuô, tribuere, tribuî, tribûtus

divide, assign; present; grant, allot, bestow, attribute

contemnô, contemnere, contempsî, contemptus

think little of; look down on, take poor view of; pay no heed / disregard / slight; treat with / hold in contempt, scorn, disdain; despise; keep away from, avoid






5. Pâvô.


at, by, near, among; at the house of; before, in the presence / writings / view of

conqueror, conquerî, conquestus sum, —

bewail, lament, utter a complaint; complain of, deplore

negô, negâre, negâvî, negâtus

deny, refuse; say ... not

avis, avis

bird; sign, omen, portent


deservedly; rightly

meritus a um

deserved, due

mereor, merêrî, meritus sum, —

earn, deserve; merit, be rewarded

oportet, oportêre, oportuit

it is right, proper, necessary, it is becoming; it behooves; ought

decôrus a um; decôrior ior ius; decôrissimus a um

beautiful / good looking / handsome / comely; adorned; graceful / elegant (non — visual); honorable, noble; glorious, decorated; decorous, proper, decent, fitting

parum, minus, minimê

too little, very little, not enough, insufficient; less, not so good

conferô, conferre, contulî, collâtus

bring together, carry / convey; collect / gather, compare: unite, add; direct / aim; discuss / debate / confer; oppose; pit / match against another; blame; bestow / assign




6. Anserês et Gruês.

anser, anseris

goose; (anser masculus => gander)


formerly, once, at one time; some day, hereafter

prâtum, prâtî


pascô, pascere, pâvî, pastus

feed, feed on; graze

âvolô, âvolâre, âvolâvî, âvolâtus

fly / rush away / off; hasten away, flee, vanish; fly away (missile)

impediô, impedîre, impedîvî, impedîtus

hinder, impede, hamper, obstruct, prevent from (with nê, quîn, or quôminus)

gravitâs, gravitâtis

weight; dignity; gravity; importances, oppressiveness; pregnancy; sickness

mactô, mactâre, mactâvî, mactâtus

magnify, honor; sacrifice; slaughter, destroy

dêprehendô, dêprehendere, dêprehendî, dêprehensus

get hold of; arrest; intercept; discover, discern; eize, catch; surprise

potens, potentis (gen.); potentior ior ius; potentissimus — a — um

powerful, strong; capable; mighty

salvus a um

well, unharmed, sound; alive; safe, saved

êvâdô, êvâdere, êvâsî, êvâsus

evade, escape; avoid




7. Capra et Lupus.

capra, caprae

she — goat, nanny; goat

lupus, lupî

wolf; grappling iron

conspicor, conspicârî, conspicâtus sum, —

catch sight of, see; observe, notice; perceive; be conspicuous; be regarded

sterilis, sterilis, sterile

barren, sterile; fruitless; unprofitable, futile


here, to this place; to this point

herbidus a um


laetus a um

happy, cheerful, joyful, glad; fortunate; luxuriant, lush

dulcis, dulce; dulcior ior ius; dulcissimus a um

pleasant, charming; sweet; kind, dear; soft, flattering, delightful

tueor, tuêrî, tûtus sum, —

see, look at; protect, watch; uphold

praepônô, praepônere, praeposuî, praepositus

place in command, in front of or before; put X (acc.) in front of Y (dat.)




8. Venter et Membra.

venter, ventris

stomach, womb; belly

membrum, membrî

member, limb, organ; apartment, room; section

ministerium, ministeri(i)

office, attendance, service, employment, body of helpers; occupation, work

alô, alere, aluî, altus

feed, nourish, rear, nurse, suckle; cherish; support, maintain, develop

fruor, fruî, fructus sum, —

enjoy (proceeds / socially / sexually), profit by, delight in (w / ablative)

subdûcô, subdûcere, subduxî, subductus

lead up, carry off; transfer; haul

dêbilitô, dêbilitâre, dêbilitâvî, dêbilitâtus

weaken, disable / incapacitate, impair / maim / lame / cripple; deprive of power (to ac

paeniteô, paenitêre, paenituî, —

displease, regret; repent, be sorry; me paenitet => I am sorry

sêrô, sêrius, sêrissimê

late, at a late hour, tardily; of a late period; too late (comparative)




9. Canis et Bovês.

jaceô, jacêre, jacuî, —

lie; lie down; lie ill/in ruins/prostrate/dead; sleep; be situated

invidia, invidiae

hatred/dislike; envy/jealousy/spite/ill will; use of words/acts to arouse this

praesêpês, praesêpis

crib, manger, stall (cattle / horses feed); brothel; haunt, lodging, home turf

lâtrô, lâtrâre, lâtrâvî, lâtrâtus

bark, bark at

pâbulum, pâbulî

fodder, forage

arceô, arcêre, arcuî, —

ward / keep off / away; keep close, confine; prevent, hinder; protect; separate

patior, patî, passus sum, —

suffer; allow; undergo, endure; permit

vescor, vescî, — , —

feed on, eat, enjoy (with ABL)

indolês, indolis

innate character; inborn quality




10. Vulpês et Leô.

occurrô, occurrere, occurrî, occursus

run to meet; oppose, resist; come to mind, occur (with DAT)

perterritus a um

very frightened, thoroughly frightened; completely terrified

perterreô, perterrêre, perterruî, perterritus

frighten greatly, terrify

formîdô, formîdinis

fear, terror, dread; a thing which frightens, bogy

morior, morî, mortuus sum, —

die, expire, pass / die / wither away / out; fail; decay

conspiciô, conspicere, conspexî, conspectus

observe/see/witness; notice; watch; gaze/stare on; catch/be in sight of; face; have appearance; attract attention; discern; (PASS) be conspicuous/visible


by no means


before, before this; formerly, previously, in the past


in the way; against

prope, propius, proximê

near, nearly; close by; almost

accêdô, accêdere, accessî, accessus

come near, approach; agree with; be added to (w/ad or in + ACC); constitute

alloquor, alloquî, allocûtus sum, —

speak to (friendly); address, harangue, make a speech (to); call on; console






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