Textual and Copyright Information

for the Second LTM Edition of
Abbé Lhomond's De Viris Illustribus
at Saint Louis University

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This second edition of Lhomond's elementary reader De Viris Illustribus is being presented here in a low-segmentation format to facilitate the practice of the individual acts of comprehension that can help establish reading mastery. It has been fully revised and corrected.

This text is based on public-domain material from the 1843 Nova Editio, De Viris Illustribus a Romulo ad Augustum, Auctore Lhomond in Universitate Parisiensi Professsore Emerito (Baltimore: The Baltimore Publishing Company).   It has been corrected with reference to Léonce Duval's expanded eighteenth edition of 1891, recommended and kindly provided by Vojin Nedeljkovic of the Classics Department, University of Belgrade. His website is Tolle, Lege!

This "easy-comprehension" web-version is being made freely available only for non-commercial educational use.   © 1997-2006 Claude Pavur, Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Saint Louis University. See Latin Teaching Materials for updates and further information.


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RAM version


Here you can download the entire Lhomond reader in a simple .txt-format designed to be used with the Reading Acceleration Machine. Set RAM to a speed that challenges you to understand the Latin phrases as quickly as you possibly can.  Repeat and rehearse your acts of comprehension.



Download the Lhomond Reader


Straight txt format   (209kb)





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