Rudimenta in Motu

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You will need the Adobe Flash Player for the visual illustrations.  When the movie appears, you can right-click on it at any time to access the controls. You can also leave the movie by hitting your browser's BACK button to return to an earlier page. Sometimes the movie will end with the word "dênuô,", which you can click to start the movie again. In some browsers, the F11 key can toggle to a full-screen view.


Decem Puncta  /  Decem Guttae  /  Decem Montês

Ecce Mons, Aqua, Punctum  /  Mons

Punctum Montem Ascendit  /  Monte Dêscendit  /  Celerius

Lîtus  /  Piscês

Puncta colôrâta  /  Surgit et crescit  /  Tria puncta  /  Varia puncta








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