Submissions to Confluence

Submission Guidelines:

Confluence: A Romance Language Journal of Saint Louis University, a peer-reviewed electronic journal, is published annually, in conjunction with Saint Louis University's French & Spanish Graduate & Undergraduate Student Symposium. We welcome articles on any topic and covering any period that were presented at the Symposium, and that have been extended, revised, and finalized for publication. Notes of uncompleted research, previously published material, or preliminary essays will not be considered. Articles may be in Spanish, French or English.

Scholarly articles in literature and culture should follow MLA guidelines. Submissions in the area of linguistics may follow APA guidelines. Submissions should be between 2500-4000 words. Only submissions that have been previously presented at our French & Spanish Graduate & Undergraduate Student Symposium will be accepted.

Submission Instructions:

Submissions should be sent in by July 1, following the annual Symposium. Articles regarding French topics should be sent by email to, and papers on Spanish topic should be sent to

Articles must be sent as Microsoft Word documents. Papers should be numbered in the upper right. Please use end-notes, not foot-notes.

The author's name cannot appear on the article itself. Articles must be accompanied by a submission page, which contains all the pertinent information. The submission page must include:

1. name
2. email address
3. street address
4. university/college and department affiliation
5. status: BA student, MA student, PhD student
6. title of the article
7. number of pages
8. word count
9. a short abstract (75-100 words)
10. 4-6 key words

Evaluation Process:

Confluence uses a blind review process to select articles for publication. Articles are sent to two readers for evaluation. Once the readers' reports come back, we will send a letter of acceptance or rejection by email. Reviewers can accept an article with no changes, or can accept an article only if the author makes changes that the reviewer proposes. All correspondence will be conducted by email.