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Typing Foreign Characters on the Macintosh

To type some foreign characters on a Macintosh, there is a series of keystrokes that must be made one after another. For example, to type an character, click the Optionandn keys at the same time, then release both keys, and then click the n key. Only after clicking the final key will the character appear.

Key CombinationsCharacter TypeExamples
Option-e [letter]acute accent/accent aigu
Option-` [letter]grave accent/accent grave
Option-i [letter]circumflex/circonflexe
Option-u [letter]diresis/Umlaut
Option-n [letter]tilde/ee
Option-sEszett/sharfes S
Option-qligature o + e
Option-'ligature a + e
Option-Shift-/inverted question mark
Option-1inverted exclamation point
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