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Filming Video Projects in the LLC

The Language Learning Center has equipment and materials available to allow you to create video projects for your foreign language classes. This equipment is shared by all language students, so to ensure that all students have access to the tools they need, please follow the following rules and procedures. Where and when can I film?

The Video Room

The LLC has a Video Room available to students—individuals and groups of 2 may use sign this room out for 30 minutes at a time, groups of 3 or more may sign out the room for one hour. If others are waiting, you will be asked to leave when your assigned time is up, regardless of the status of your project—so be organized and prepared to film! There is a sign-up book for the Video Room available at the LLC front desk, Ritter Hall 325. Signing up for the Video Room includes use of the built-in video camera in that room.

Cameras to Check-Out

The LLC has several Mini-DV Cameras available for short-term check-out. Cameras may be checked out for no longer than 2 hours. There is a sign-up sheet to request cameras at the LLC Front Desk. When you check out a DV Camera, you must leave your SLU ID with us. Remember, that YOU are responsible for the equipment checked out from the LLC, and you will be billed for damage.

Where do I get a tape?

The LLC will provide each student or group with a Mini DV tape on which to film their project —see below for instructions on what to do with the tape when you’re finished filming. The LLC recycles these tapes, so please return it to us when finished. I’m finished filming. Now what? Once you’ve finished filming, you have a few options.

I’m ready to give the project to my instructor, no editing necessary.

If you are finished filming and the project is ready to give to your instructor as is, fill out a Video Project Form at the LLC Front Desk, and turn the form in along with your MiniDV tape to the student workers there. The LLC staff will then take care of converting your project to DVD and getting it to your instructor. Your instructor will pass this copy of your project along to you when they have finished reviewing it.

I’d like to edit some of the footage we shot into a slick final product before turning it in.

If you are finished filming but would like to edit the footage, add titles, a hip soundtrack, and credits, then please sign-up for a time on our iMac video editing station at the LLC front desk. The editing station is available in blocks of one hour per student. Please be aware that editing can take a LOT longer than you think, so be sure to have plenty of time to complete your project!

I have my own nifty computer, and would love to edit my project on it instead.

The LLC staff can help you to transfer your raw footage from your MiniDV tape onto your own computer for editing. To get the video on your computer, you MUST have a firewire connection (all Macintoshes have this, only some PCs do) and plenty of hard drive space. Windows PCs should be able to use “Windows Movie Maker”, Mac users can use “iMovie”.

But I already have a DV camera and don’t want to use the LLC stuff.

No problem—if you have your own equipment, feel free to use that for your project. Just make sure to hand it in to your instructor in a format that they can easily watch – the LLC generally converts all projects made here into video DVDs.

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