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Sony Virtuoso: Collecting Student Work

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Students can at any time record their own voices, and the voice of their partner, in pair mode, by clicking on the record button on their own workstations. When students have completed their recordings, you can collect them to a folder by clicking on the collect work button.

By default, student work will be collected in the "Student Save" folder on the media server. Since everyone shares the same folder student folder, it's a good idea to have Chris create a subfolder for your class to use. Once you've navigated to the correct subfolder, click on the collect button to save the files.

The files will be saved as MP3s, and will be named with the Student name and the date and time saved.

You will be able to listen to these MP3s on the PC in your own office by clicking on the My Computer icon, choosing the T drive, and navigating to "Arts_sciencesLL"/SANS/STUDENTSAVE/ and then your own folder.

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