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Sony Virtuoso: Opening a File

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To open a file for all students, first, make sure that no individual students are selected. Selected students will be outlined in red. To deselect a student, click on them once.

Click on the open file button, then navigate to the location of the media file you wish to open by double-clicking on the folders shown in the window. As you can see, the default location is in the "Lessons" folder on the shared server, also known as the "T" drive. If your file is in another location, click on the down arrow near the top of the window.

Once you have found your media file, double-click on it to open the file on all of the student workstations.

Depending on the size of the file, you way need to wait a few seconds for the file to open on all student machines. You can tell that they are ready to listen when the "S" appears next to the seat number. This "S" stands for "Stopped", indicating the current playback status.

At this point, students can control their own workstations for individual work by using the controls on their own screen. If you would like all students to listen at the same time, you can use the controls on your screen, which will override student controls. To force students to close the file you've opened for them, click the close file button.

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