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Sony Virtuoso: Pairing

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Students can be grouped in pairs in order to interact with each other. In order to pair students, click on the "Pair" button in the Virtuoso Control panel. There are two main types of pairing-- "Fixed Pairing" and "Random Pairing". You can tell which type is currently active by the label on the pairing button.

Fixed pairing will automatically assign the student to a partner next to them, while Random pairing will choose a partner randomly, regardless of location in the class. Click on the "Pair" button to activate pairing. When students are paired, a pair number will appear in the student icon. These students can now speak and listen to one another. If there is an odd number of students, one group will automatically be a "triplet" of three students. This triplet will be indicated with an asterisk.

Clicking once on a student to highlight them will also automatically highlight their partner. To listen or intercom with a pair, click on the "Listen" or "Intercom" button.

To change pairing type, click on the "Settings" menu at the top of the Virtuoso window, and choose "Pairs". Under the "How To Pair" option, choose either "Random" or "Fixed (side-by-side)".

To stop pairing activites, click on the "Pair" button again. If you are using random pairing, every time you click on the pair button, partners will be shuffled.

If students seem to be having trouble hearing one another, try clicking on "Help" and then "Reset Audio", and then try re-pairing the students. Be aware that all current pairs will be lost if you try this!

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