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Sony Virtuoso: Sending Video

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While it is always preferable to use digital video files, which can be sent to students using the "Open File" button, sometimes you may need to send video directly from a DVD or Video tape to student workstations.

Video sent in this manner can not be controlled individually by the students, but the sound will come through student headphones, and the video will be located on their own screens.

First, make sure the VCR or DVD player is hooked up to the computer and turned on. After inserting your video tape or DVD, click on the "Video Monitor" button in the Virtuoso Control Panel to see the video screen. When you are ready to send video to students, click on the "Send Video" button. Students will see a resizable video window on their own screens, and will hear the sound through the headphones.

Once again, it is always preferable to use digital files when working in the lab-- with a few days notice, most DVDs and tapes can be converted for this purpose-- just ask the Student Technology Assistants for help.

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