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Sony Soloist (for Students)

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To run the student program "Soloist", double-click on the the yellow speaker icon located on the desktop.

In the login box, type in your name, and then choose your language from the drop-down box below. Click OK when done.

In order to connect to the instructor workstation, click on the "Attend" button, if you see one. Once you have clicked attend, the instructor will be able to send you audio, video, and webpages, as well as listen to you speaking through the headphones.

The student controls work like a VCR-- to record your own voice (or, in pair mode, to record you and your partner), click on the record button, which is a large red circle. Click on the play, rewind, and forward buttons to listen to your recording. To save your recording, click on the close file button, which looks like a folder icon.

To open a media file, click on the "open file" button, which looks like an opened folder with an arrow.

During the lab session, your instructor may open, close, or save files for you, taking control of your workstation.

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