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GK0018DVDApollo: Light and Harmony (1995)N/A
GK0019DVDAres and Eris: Quarrels of the Gods (1995)N/A
GK0020DVDArtemis: The Forces of Nature (1995)N/A
GK0021DVDAthena and Aphrodite: Wisdom and Love (1995)N/A
GK0013VHSClassical Age, The (1988)N/A
GK0017DVDClassical Mythology: Its Origins and Impact (1999)N/A
GK0022DVDDemeter: The Miracle of Fertility (1995)N/A
GK0023DVDDionysus: The Joy of Life (1995)N/A
GK0016VHSEumenides (The Furies)N/A
GK0006DVDGreek Drama: From Ritual to TheaterN/A
GK0012VHSGreek Myths II, The (1971)N/A
GK0005DVDJason and the ArgonautsN/A
GK0015VHSLibation Bearers, TheN/A
GK0014VHSMedea (1982)N/A
GK0004DVDOdyssey, TheN/A
GK0002DVDOedipus at ColonusN/A
GK0001DVDOedipus the KingN/A
GK0008VHSPerforming Cicero's SpeechesN/A
GK0024DVDPoseidon: Master of the Seas (1995)N/A
GK0009CDReadings From Wheelock's LatinN/A
GK0010DVDTrojan Women, The (1971)N/A
GK0025DVDZeus: King of the Gods (1995)N/A

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