RCLC Programs and Courses
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Below is a table which will give you easy access to the wide array of language and culture programs courses offered by the RCLC collaborating institutions.
An Inter-University Agreement allows students to take language and culture courses at other RCLC institutions (except Webster University). Students continue to pay tuition on their campus; the course and grade apply to their transcript at the home institution. The restrictions are: 1) the course is not offered at the home institution; 2) the student must have fulltime status (this may include the course the student is taking at the other institution); 3) not more than one course may be taken each semester through the agreement, and 4) the corresponding form must be filled out. 
At UMSL use form C-3, which is available through the Office of the Registrar. Wash U students needs to contact the Office of Student Records for the form. For SLU students, the form may be found at here.


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