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Susan Brower-Toland

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Associate Professor, Philosophy
Research Areas: Medieval Philosophy
Office: Adorjan Hall 103
Email: browers@slu.edu
Phone: 314-977-3161

Curriculum Vitae

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Susan Brower-Toland (Ph.D., Cornell 2002) specializes in medieval philosophy and has general research and teaching interests in language, mind, and philosophy of religion. Her current research focuses on the philosophy of William of Ockham, and on later-medieval discussions in philosophy of mind including: the nature of intentionality, theories of judgment and, most recently, theories of consciousness.

Representative Publications

  • "Olivi on Consciousness and Self-Knowledge: The Phenomenology, Metaphysics, and Epistemology of Mind's Reflexivity," Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy 1 (2013).
  • "Medieval Approaches to Consciousness: Ockham and Chatton," Philosophers' Imprint 12 (2012).
  • "Aquinas on Mental Representation: Concepts and Intentionality," (with Jeffrey E. Brower) The Philosophical Review 117 (Jan 2008): 193-243.
  • "Intuition, Externalism, and Direct Reference in Ockham," History of Philosophy Quarterly 24 (Oct 2007):317-336.
  • "Ockham on Judgment, Concepts, and the Problem of Intentionality," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 37 (2007): 67-110.
  • "Facts vs. Things: Adam Wodeham and the Later Medieval Debate over Objects of Judgment," The Review of Metaphysics 60 (2006): 597-642.