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Jack Marler

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Associate Professor, Philosophy
Research Areas: Plotinus, Augustine, Early Medieval Philosophy
Office: Adorjan Hall 308
Email: marlerjc@slu.edu
Phone: 314-977-3154

Curriculum Vitae

Jack C. Marler (Ph.D., Toronto, 1988) works closely with the Vatican Film Library to conduct his palaeographic research and instruction. His interests are in late ancient and early medieval philosophy, medieval and modern logic, neoplatonism, the metaphysics and epistemology of Thomas Aquinas, medieval spirituality (with emphasis on the Corpus Dionysiacum, the Cloud-corpus, Marguerite Porette, and Meister Eckhart), and Western European and Byzantine manuscripts.

Representative Publications

  • The Mirror of Simple Souls by Margaret Porette, translated, edited, and archivally treated in collaboration with Edmund Colledge and Judith Grant (Notre Dame Press, 1999).
  • "The Dialectical Use of Authority in the Periphyseon" in Eriugena: East and West, (ed.) Bernard McGinn (Notre Dame Press, 1994): 95-113.
  • "Proclus on Causal Reasoning: I Alcibiades and the Doctrine of Anamnesis" Journal of Neoplatonic Studies 1 (1993): 1-33.
  • "A Meister Eckhart Autograph?" in collaboration with Edmund Colledge, Scriptorium 36 (1983): 90-5.