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Kent Staley

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Associate Professor, Philosophy
Research Areas: Philosophy of Science
Office: Adorjan Hall 101
Email: staleykw@gmail.com
Phone: 314-977-3151

Curriculum Vitae

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Kent W. Staley (PhD Johns Hopkins, 1998) works on problems relating to scientific experiment, theories of evidence, philosophy of statistics, and developments in theoretical and experimental physics. He also works on the epistemology of scientific collaborations. His current project explores the statistical and experimental practices of experimental high energy physics, drawing upon the resources of the pragmatic tradition in philosophy to understand the warrant for those practices. Staley serves on several departmental and university committees, leads a reading group on the History and Philosophy of Science, and advises Saint Louis University graduate students entering the philosophical job market. He also serves as mentor of the undergraduate Philosophy Club.

Representative Publications

  • An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University Press, 2014.
  • "Experimental Knowledge in the Face of Theoretical Error." In Marcel Boumans, Giora Hon, and Arthur Perersen (eds.), Error and Uncertainty in Scientific Practice. Pickering and Chatto, (2014).
  • "Dirac's 'fine-tuning problem': A constructive use of anachronism?" Perspectives on Science (Special &HPS3 Issue), 20 (2012): 476-503.
  • "Strategies for Securing Evidence through Model Criticism." European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 2 (2012): 21-43.
  • "Internalist and Externalist Aspects of Justification in Scientific Inquiry" (with Aaron Cobb). Synthese, 182 (2011): 475-492.