Ruth Warner received her B.S. in Psychology from Arizona State University and her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Kansas. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Louis University and coordinator for admissions for the Experimental Psychology Graduate Program. Her research interests include the meaning people make of intergroup and interpersonal victimization as well as stereotyping and prejudice.

Undergraduate classes taught: Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, The Psychology of Social Justice, Psychology and the Law, Capstone Practicum

Graduate classes taught: Advanced Social Psychology, Social Psychology of Justice


Anna is a sixth year PhD student in the social concentration in the experimental psychology program. She received her B.S. in psychology from The University of Missouri - Rolla. Her main research interest is the study of religion as a factor in shifts in personal judgments in decision making and how it relates to prejudice and in-group/out-group relations.


Mitch Lorenz is a fourth year graduate student in the social psychology concentration of the experimental psychology program. He received his B.A. from Simpson College and his M.S. from Western Illinois University. Mitch’s research interests include interpersonal rejection as well as prejudice and stereotyping of outgroup members.

CHELSEA ATKINS   chelseaatkins@SLU.EDU

Chelsea is a second year graduate student in the Experimental (Social) Psychology program. She received her B.S. in psychology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Her main research interests are prosocial behaviors, the treatment and perception of different types of victims, and the relationship between socioeconomic status and prejudice.


Brendan Molinar is a second year graduate student at Saint Louis University. He received both his B.S. and Psychology at Eastern Michigan University. His research interest include political psychology, social rejection/ostracism, free will and determinism beliefs, social emotions, and in-group and out-group relations.


Kristin is a first-year Ph.D. student with a BA in Human Development from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Colorado and a MA in Social Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa. Her main research interests relate to intergroup attitudes and prejudice, specifically the interaction of multiple group identities (i.e., religious orientation, nationalism, political orientation) on prejudice toward outgroups. Other areas of interest include women in STEM, publication trends such as sample reporting and sampling bias, and best practices in research methodology.